Thursday, June 15, 2006

Welcome to my new blog!

I'm such a geek, and spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME yesterday changing templates on my blog. I'm working on my own banner, and some other little bells and whistles. I believe this is when I would tell someone else they need to get out more. Instead I am basking in my own world of geekiness. Welcome.

Today was a rather blah day for me. Still searching high and low for mo. Still adjusting to the life of SAHM and putting the "Mrs. Rogers" aspect of my life behind me. Every year it's an adjustment, and it surprises me. So much of my identity is wrapped up in the teacher side of me . . . and letting it go takes time. But time I have! Happy summer!

So I need to send out layouts and do the paperwork for them. Hate that aspect of being pubbed, but trying not to be a whiner. Here's a pic for the day of Jen playing in the sprinkler yesterday. Now THIS girl knows how to have fun!


Tonia said...

P.S. So routing for you with the KI thing! Way to go for making the decision to GO FOR IT! :)

Amanda said...

Your Jenna is too cute! Good luck on the KI gig.