Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Final Day . . .

is tomorrow! Yippee! I am feeling a bit ripped off that the next two weeks and weekends are busy with grad parties, etc. I WANT MY TIME TO MYSELF, dangit! No ties! But I guess that will happen soon enough.

It was a good and bad day today. Here are the highlights . . .

I met Sarah (Sarahak) today! At the same store where I have been getting my coffee all school year. She was delightful, as I expected her to be. She's just as sweet in person as she is online. Finally I know who she is!

I went to lunch with the math "girls" in the department. We went to Logan's and had a great lunch. I will miss them over the summer!

I got my grades done. What a relief. And I got my books put away, and my room somewhat organized. Tomorrow we have a grade verification meeting, and I need to finish some paperwork. Then "BYE BYE SCHOOL!" For the summer that is!

Jen and I went to the Gardens tonight. It may seem funny, but during the school year I'm too busy to notice things like changing seasons. I know that sounds dumb, but it's true! So walking through the gardens this evening I finally got a chance to enjoy and notice the beauty of summer. What a gift.

I took a great picture of my girl, but it was a bit fuzzy. (Who am I kidding? I took a hundred pics, but this one I love even though it was blurry.) So I made it into a watercolor using a filter in PSE. I realized that my mojo issues are because I don't have a lot of pictures that are inspiring me. So I'm snapping away for a while so I get inspired. (Wish me luck!)

My back is a bit better, but moving big math books from room to room didn't help. Still the drugs are working.

The bad news . . .

One of the office technical professionals' job was eliminated. And I'm so upset, I'm beside myself. We are in financial trouble as a district. There are hard times. But Robin has been with our district for 20 years. It turns out OTP's are "at will" employees, no seniority. When their positions are eliminated, as Robin's was, they are gone. And Robin has some health issues that require insurance coverage. Now it's gone. I am going to have to break my cardinal rule and say something . . .I can't look at myself in the mirror if I don't. THIS IS WRONG. I used to be proud to be a teacher in such a fine district . . . one that employs special people like Robin. But I'm not proud right now. Not at all.

OK. I'm done. And if you made it this far through my ramblings, you deserve a medal. Seriously.

As my student Ashley would say, "Peace Out, Rabbit." I don't even know what that means, but I think it works here.

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