Monday, June 26, 2006

Look mom, a layout!

No earrings for me today . . . at least not yet! I did this layout this a.m. from some good pics I have taken while my "mo" takes a break. I highly recommend that . . . pictures are what inspire me, and I was getting low on good ones!

Today is planning vaca's day. We need some little excusions, like a zoo, up north on the water, and CHICAGO. I finally decided no CHA for me. It would be fun, but only if I could see some of my online pals, and most aren't going. I'm bummed though that I'll miss meeting Shaunte (blog on left) because she CRACKS ME UP. The girl is seriously funny, and even more seriously talented. Also Kelly from KMA was going to be there, and it would have been fun to meet her.

I am feeling a bit down that my girl is turning 4 soon. Too soon. All of a sudden I feel it's going too fast! I know the drill, with Emily being 19 . . . which reminds me. She will be TWENTY this year. OMG. I am so NOT ready for this!

Maybe some new shoes will help. Or some new beads! Better yet, how about BOTH?

Have a great Monday.


Renee said...

Great layout!

Adrienne said...

That is such a cute photo!!! great job!

Shaunte Wadley said...

I made a BLOG??

An "OG" blog!
Awww, Kay--you know one of these days we WILL hook up. Both of us need to knock off the extra pounds so we can be jealous of each other when we do meet.

I am still not losing. WTH?