Monday, June 05, 2006

Life choices . . .

So when I had my girls so far apart, who knew money would be a problem. I had an "AHA" moment regarding money in our family the other day. My DH has decided he needs a motorcycle. A Harley nonetheless. (Can you say midlife crisis?) So we were at his sister's anniversary party, and his family members were asking when he was getting his cycle. He answered "when Jenna is out of daycare."

So the conversation went to daycare costs . . . we pay $135 a week, which I think is pretty cheap. Especially given the level of care by her current daycare provider. Plus she goes to preschool twice a week for the morning, which will be increased to three mornings next year. Add another $100 a month. So that's $640 a month in Jenna's care. Add to that the $325 we pay per month for MET (Michigan Education Trust), which will guarantee her tuition in any public college in Michigan. Grand total? $965 per month. GOOD TIMES.

Plus, I have Emily IN COLLEGE. When she was born, I bought her MET with student loan money (because I was in college at that time) and it cost $8000. Now for the same contract for Jenna, it cost close to $30,000. Even with Emily's tuition paid for, it still cost roughly $7000 for room and board and books for the year. Because we only pay for that during the school year, that adds another $875 for 8 months of the year. WOW. No wonder we're broke!

I guess that means we won't be buying a Harley anytime soon. And that's a bad thing? ;)

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