Saturday, June 17, 2006

The creative process...

I did a layout last night, and it has made me think about creativity. You see, I can't follow a sketch to save mt soul. And I can't "plan" what a layout will look like before sitting down to work on it. In my head, I SHOULD be be able to work that way. I mean, what joy I would have in sitting down and sketching out the perfect layout, with the perfect photo placement, etc. But I can't.

For instance, this layout. I was thinking something bright, like "Color Me Silly" or something KI. Bring out that bright green in her shirt and the background. Never in a million years was I thinking Fusion from BG. Never. Of course the bright colors were way too happy for this serious photo. And stamping? I don't stamp. I collect (ie scrap-hoard) them like nobody's business, but I don't stamp. So what did I do here? You guessed it. This layout just evolved. My creativity has taken a weird turn, and while I'd love to just follow it, I have a VERY BIG contest I'm looking into, and I can't have it turn now. NOT a convenient time, I tell ya!

Speaking of which, I RIPPED APART the layout I did for the contest yesterday. I mean literally disassembled the whole thing. I knew it wasn't what I wanted, but somehow I needed to try (as if I didn't already know the outcome) a pre-planned layout. I had it all on paper, as a sketch, and did the layout. Yeah, it was bad. Really bad. But somehow creatively it's what I needed to do at that moment. WEIRD. Redid the whole thing in less than an hour, and voila. Totally different. I'm scanning and saving what I do so once I lose I can look back and see where I went wrong. No seriously, so I can learn from this process. This putting yourself out there for the world to see process. It's tough for me, I'm not gonna lie!

Enjoy your Saturday!!!


janel said...

Love that photo..and your design is A++!

Christine Brown said...

Awesome LO!

I have to tell you... I work the same way you do. I think I *should* be able to sketch it all out and have it all planned out in advance, but I just DON'T work that way! Each LO just has to evolve... let my creative process take it where it will. Just know, Kay, that you're not alone out there. ;)

Oh, and good luck on your VERY BIG contest!! ;)