Thursday, June 22, 2006


I got my PC projects done. DONE, I tell you! I'm so happy. Just got the box on Tuesday, and I'm DONE. Did I mention? You guessed it. I have a hard time letting deadlines "sit" out there. I feel so much better when I don't procrastinate and just GET TO WORK. Wish I could share them, but alas, cannot. If you're going to CHA, look for them please! Even take a pic for me! Gracias.

So what's next? Four projects for DCWV. Just got the email for them yesterday. Don't have my box yet, so no need to start stressing on that one. YET. Plus I was a finalist for Cactus Pink, and July is my month. But no box there either, so no stress yet. Oh, and I should be getting my SM kit soon . . . no box. So I can't stress yet. OK, maybe I'm a TAD stressed, because somehow I will get all of the boxes on the SAME DAY, and my tension level will soar. But not today. I'M DONE!

Signed up for my first BPS class, and it starts today. Can't share the specifics, but I should be able to play a bit this afternoon JUST FOR ME. What a concept!

Oh, and did I mention, I'm done??!!??


Amanda said...

Fantastic - go you!

Adrienne said...