Monday, June 19, 2006

Manic Monday

During the school year my busiest day is Sunday. It's the day I go to the grocery store, do the laundry, plan the week, pack the backpack, etc. Clearly that day is going to be Monday for the summer hours. Clearly for summer it will be Mondays. I'm flippin exhausted.

Here's what I did . . .

Got up at 5:30. Checked the boards, made my coffee, and organized my scrap room so when the PC stuff arrives I'm ready to go.

Took a shower at 6:30. Jen got up at about 7:00, so I made her breakfast, helped her brush her teeth, an dget dressed.

Went through the house, picked up, made beds, etc. Unloaded dishwasher, loaded it back up, and loaded washer.

Scanned, then packed my KMA layout and card to get ready to send it.

Off to run my errands. Gas station, post office, grocery store. Home to unpack groceries.

Changed laundry. Made lunch.

Since Em was home and wanted to play with Jen in the sprinkler, I decided to get in my walk. Put on my IPod, and off I went, four miles.

Came home, did another load of laundry. Sat down and answered emails. 15 minutes later, Bill comes home. "What are we going to do," he asks? "Let's take Jenna to the waterpark!" Off we go to the park. Jen has a blast.

When we get home, time to start dinner. Made, ate, cleaned up. Just started to sit down, and Bill says, "Let's go for a walk." OK. Off we go.

When we get home, Jen wants to play on swingset. Take some pictures of her. Emily comes out, looking gorgeous, so I snapped some pics of her too.

Came inside while Jen was taking a bath. Folded last load of laundry.

Uploaded layouts to ScrapMuse for June.

Sat down to write in blog.

Now I need to take a shower. I smell bad. Really bad. Maybe a bath . . . hmmm....

I hate Mondays.

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Tonia said...

Great shot Kay!

We had a rainy day here and it actually felt good! So nice to not have to water everything outside and so nice to be able to get a few things done inside! I scrubbed toilets and did laundry too! LOL! Then I snuck in a 4 mile walk with Ethan(almost 5 now in the stroller! LOL again) and we came home and played baseball and other games and then I had softball practice while Greg took the boys to soccer practice. Then I actually managed to run 3 miles! It was a good day and now I am ready for a shower and bed!