Sunday, June 25, 2006

Somebody STOP ME!

OK, so here are my next two pair of earrings. I really like the blue and pink, but need to replace the top pink bead with something smaller. They're too big for this big girl! So I guess that means I need to go back to the bead store, no? I am so excited, because I am ALWAYS looking for cheap earrings. I am not one to invest in jewelry, it's just not important to me. But I love crystal beads, so I'm on to something!

We went to Frankenmuth yesterday. It is such a cool place, known as Michigan's Little Bavaria. It also has the world-famous Bronner's mega Christmas store. If you love Christmas, you must see it! The weather was PERFECT for our trip. We walked around, had dinner outside on a patio, and went to this outdoor mall with cool little specialty stores.

Today, I may just do a layout or two. Stranger things have been known to happen! Em is sore, but hanging in there. I'll share some pictures of our little day trip tomorrow. Today, it's all about the bling!


Jami said...

Kay I love your new earrings. You are just going to town. I think you have found a new calling for you. HAHA. Glad to hear that Em is still doing good. Today is going to be the worst, but I am sure she will pull thru with flying colors.

RACHEL =) said...

Gorgeous earrings, love the colors!!!

Check out Bronners - WOW is it huge!! Love shopping for Christmas stuff, I may have to take a trek up there!! =)

Wendy Reed said...

I have been trying soooo hard to refrain from making jewelry... AHHHH!!!!!

Looks great!

Gwyn said...

What fun earrings, you're doing well with this new hobby!

It's raining here, that same strange thing might happen in this household as well!

Mo said...

OMIGOSH! Those earrings are darling!!!!!!

Nat said...

Love those earings, Kay!!!!

Tonia said... birthday is Aug 6th in case you have an extra pair of earrings hanging around! LOL! That was pretty cheesy of me, hunh? My way of saying that I LOVE them! You are so CRAZY to start yet another hobby! LOL! At least you seem to be able to do these quickly! Awesome girl!

alecia*grimm said...

Wow. love these earrings too.