Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She's flying solo, people!

It started with a pep talk. The ins, the outs, the stops the starts, the basics if you will. Then dad running alongside the bike, saying "slow down" every step or two, as if she was listening. Gradually, dad hangs back and lets her go on her own. Is it because he is winded from all of the running? Perhaps. This is a big moment for both dad and daughter. (And mother, who is snapping pictures furiously a la paparazzi.) And an occasional crash whilst stopping? No problemo. This girl has found her wings. And somehow Bill and I have grown older in the process.

Taught Photoshop Elements last night. What a great group again. I hate to be a teacher geek, but it feels good to be teaching again. Will I think that next week when it's time to go back to school? Hecks no.

Went to a work gathering/barbeque for Bill's school district. Met some more amazing people who were involved in a work camp that takes high school students from around the country and has them visit communities and do work projects for those in need. They stayed at the Creek, bunking in the high school. The people at the dinner are the organizers of the event, and the passion they feel for the work that they are doing? Inspirational beyond belief. We could all do more, couldn't we?

Have a great Tuesday.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm back!

Another weekend getaway. This time to a lake near home, staying at my cousin's log cabin. It was COLD, but fun! Woke up to rain this morning so headed out a little early. Uncle Fred and Aunt Max came and spent the day yesterday, as well as Scott, Jami, and Maggi. We cooked out lunch and dinner, and had s'mores and hobo pies last night. It started to sprinkle just as we all decided we couldn't possible eat one more thing. Went on a pontoon ride, saw a mink, some turtles, and a lot of ducks. The guys caught a few fish right off the docks. I could get used to cabin living, I tell ya! Here are some pics of our weekend.

On Friday before we left for the weekend we went back to Emily's to see the final room and to go shopping. There was no time on the day we moved her in, and this time she got to take Hayley on a tour of state. We went scrap shopping, school clothes shopping, and had a fun lunch at Johnny Rockets. We were gone all day, then jumped back in the car and headed for the lake. Wish Em could have come with us! There is nothing she loves more than sitting around a campfire!

Came home to some good scrappy news. First, I moved on to the next round of So You Think You Can Scrap. Didn't expect to after scrapping for my life again. Go vote if you get a chance!

Also got some cool congratulatory emails from people who noticed my layout in the BasicGrey August Newsletter. I was so excited when Kelly Goree, one of my all-time favorite scrappers, emailed me and asked me to participate. Well, HECKS YEAH was my answer! LOL! Thanks to those who noticed!

Got approached to do another fun little project. I'll share more when I can.

OK, off to switch the laundry. It's raining cats and dogs, so maybe I'll even scrap a little something this afternoon. What else is a girl to do?

ONE MORE FULL WEEK OF SUMMER. But who's counting?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun news!

I got this in the mail yesterday. I needed a little boost, and it appeared at my doorstep! It's my first time in Simple Scrapbooks, and I'm excited! I haven't been submitting much this last year, due to the four-letter-word in my life . . . TIME. I forgot how much fun it is to open a layout and see your page. I wish I had more of my little swear word, but I don't.

Sat in the dentist's chair for almost three hours today. Now that is a good time, I tell ya! Came home and took a nap while the numbness wore off. Do I lead an exciting life or what? LOL!

Plans, plans, and more plans. I'll share them when I return.

Peace, people!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sugarland ROCKS!

OK, I have to admit. I'm a little late to the country world. I have just started to enjoy some country in the last few years. And one day while channel surfing I came across a show on CMT about the group Sugarland. I loved them. They seemed like such humble, normal people. So I downloaded the entire album Enjoy the Ride. That's my first time choosing an entire album using ITunes. A song here or there? Well sure. But I've never picked an entire album. When I found out they were coming to Midland, I was excited. But didn't expect to be able to see them. Was I surprised when Emily bought me 4 tickets for Mother's Day!

It was an AMAZING show. The warm-up band was Emerson Drive. They were really good! But I was anxious for Sugarland. Especially since Em couldn't make it to the concert at the last minute due to studying for her Calc III final. So I asked my brother and SIL. Not a lot of real country lovers in our group.

To be honest, it's been a lot of years since I saw a concert, (think the Reagan era), but I'm telling you this was my FAVORITE! Jennifer Nettles is amazing. Truly a bundle of adorable, southern energy. She never stopped moving! And when she sang "Just Make Me Believe" she just about brought the house down.

Thank you, Emily. Wish you could have been there with us to enjoy it!

OK, I'm feeling a bit better now.

Let's see what's new. Sunday we went to a family reunion for Bill's side. Jen had fun playing with her second cousins, and spent hours under the swingset picking (and selling) wildflowers. Remember those days when you got immersed in play like that? The girls went and had the adults "go shopping" in their store, using imaginary money and credit cards. She didn't even come out to play ball, which was a first.

Yesterday was a busy one. First, took Jenna to the Dr. for two immunizations (ouch). Then off to swimming lessons, then to the local fair. Yesterday was the animals day, where we walk through the barns. I think Jenna touched every single species present. She is afraid of NOTHING. One of those sweet looking cows almost kicked me as she moved out of the ring. I was standing talking to a student, and she just about got me. I'm such a city girl. Didn't even see it coming.

Have I mentioned it's a busy summer? LOL. We have something planned every day and evening until next Thursday. I'm telling you, I need a vacation from summer vacation.

Peace out.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well, she's moved in.

Emily is now in her new home, at college. It's an old house, and she will be living with four other girls. We spent all day on Saturday moving her in. We had a huge trailer, thankfully, and a lot of help. My brother and Jami came with, and they are both workers. Plus Maggi came with, which entertained Jenna. The house is, well, a college house. But the excitement in Em's eyes? Priceless. She and her roomies shopped for a long time to find the perfect house, and I guess this one is it. I saw a horrible paint job which led to windows that don't open, slanted floors, and general disrepair. I guess it's official, I'm old. And I never led that college life, living on (or slightly off) campus. I drove 45 minutes to college every day, then back home. I was mom to Em when I was in college. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I dropped her off her freshman year of college, it was ugly. She was struggling to say goodbye to Jenna, and coming to terms with the changes her life was taking. And I was keeping it together because I felt I needed to be there for her, emotionally. And trust me, I can be an emotional wreck at the drop of a hat. But once we got on campus, spent some time wandering around campus, Emily, with her amazing wisdom, said "mom, I don't think I'm going to cry when you leave. No offense, but this is amazing." And it was. The people, the energy, the whole nine yards. COOL. Made me wish I would have experienced college life without a newborn. The fact that Bill cried like a baby? Well, that's a whole 'nother story.

Last year, dropping her off at the dorm again, felt like old hat. No emotional turmoil, I know that's where she belongs. She was bored at home, which was kind of hard . . . knowing she needed her wings and we were holding her back.

Fast-forward to this year, and moving her into her house. Hearing about the house for almost a year, the trip to IKEA picking out the right desk and comforter, planning for this experience . . . it was exciting! And moving her in yesterday, then going out for dinner to celebrate, looking at how happy she was, well it was a good day!

That is, until I got home. I walked into her now empty room, and it hit me. Here's the next phase of her leaving, the empty space she left behind. And while I know in my heart it's the exact place she should be, and what I always wanted for her - to be able to go out on her own with joy and confidence, it made it somehow so much more real to me. So much more final. My baby is gone. It's bittersweet, that's for certain.

Love you, my Emily.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Look Mom, two layouts!

Amazed? Me too. It's been a while. That's all I'm saying. OK, time to face the day. Make it a good one!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

So last night . . .

the photography group went and shot pictures of this amazing sunflower field. It was a drive and a half, but well worth it! We shot for an hour and a half, until we lost the sun. Hit a deer on the way home. Good times! See my photo blog for more examples. I was working on aperture and it's effect on exposure. There was a lot of bug love on the flowers, that's all I'm sayin'!

Project: Scrap Area

The goal? Get the stuff out of the dining room which I couldn't use, and make a spot in the formal living room for my scrap stuff. The before pics weren't really before, because at its ugliest everything was piled onto two sofa tables in the dining room. Then I moved it all into the living area, and worked in two rooms.

Last weekend my sis and I painted, and put up the Expedit shelving.

Phase three (coming soon) is to clear out the old furniture when Em takes it to school (which is not in the photo), hang the black and white pics in black frames with white mats, and get the new drawer and door units for the Expedit so I can once and for all be free of the plastic bins. I want most things closed/covered so the room appears neat. Also, Bill is going to add crown moulding to the room to give it a little character just like he added to the dining room.

The great thing is we are getting use out of this room instead of it being empty and collecting dust.



Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Seriously. Enough already.

Still busy, and it's bringing me down. Let's see. Went to IKEA on Thursday of last week, and took Em so she could get some things for her house. She's living off campus for the first time next year. So by the time we loaded her stuff, my stuff, and my sister's stuff, you couldn't see out the back window of my (white trash) van. YIKES. It's easy to create needs in that store, for sure. That killed Thursday.

Then I decided while Bill was gone for the weekend to paint the formal living room, which is now becoming my scrap area. It is the most unused room of our house. It is the dust collecting room. Once Em decided to take the couch, chairs, and tables for school it was decided to make a scrap corner. So I bought the Expedit bookcase. And to put it up, you have to attach it to the walls, which needed to be painted. So my sister Beth came over and we jumped in. Friday, I stripped the rest of the wallpaper backing off the walls. Why? I don't know. I just wanted to get it done. Saturday was the first coat of paint and Maggi's bday (see picture.) Sunday was the final coat of paint, and a trip to Urgent Care. I fell off the ladder, spilling brown paint on my off-white carpet. Hurt my wrist but kept painting. Then later when putting together the bookcase, I did the real damage. I thought I was going to throw up it hurt so bad. Not broken though, thank goodness.

There goes my weekend! But I feel a sense of accomplishment. Once the old furniture is out, I'll go look for the remaining pieces to finish the room. I'm excited, and I think it will look nice, as well as be functional.

I spent the day yesterday moving all the scrap stuff back in the room. A friend came and visited last night. Had an inservice this morning, and went shopping all afternoon for lamps. Another day bites the dust.

I'm starting to feel the end of summer. No matter how much I love my job, I love my freedom too, and I'm feeling it slipping away. I have this list in my head of things I haven't done enough of this summer, and it's bumming me out. I wish I would have read more, taken more pictures, done more scrapping . . . and the days are slipping away. Oh well, there's always next summer, right?


Monday, August 06, 2007

Tag! You're it.

Well, I've been tagged by one of my friends from ScrapMuse, the ever-talented Donna, and it's my turn to tag five more people.
First, Miss Amy, who is contestant with me in the SYTYCS contest is a constant source of inspiration, as well as being one of the kindest, most supportive people I know. And her talent? Wow.
Another person whom I greatly admire is the famous Torm.Not only is she a terrifically talented scrapper, she has such style in her writing. I look forward to seeing her pages and reading the stories behind them. Gorgeous stuff, I tell ya!
I have been a fan of Alecia for years. She has been true to her style, and was doing her version of "Freestyle meets art" before it was the new trend. Check her out!
Then there is Shaunte. What to day about her. In one word? HILARIOUS. I think she should be a writer. I go to her blog often to read her take on life, as well as see her gorgeous family and her amazing pages. Love her.
OK, I''m out for now. I'll add one later.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nine down . . .

NONE TO GO. I just finished my 9th layout in the last three days. I am creatively pooped. But almost completely caught up. WHEW. I may even have time to do a layout of my own choosing . . . well, maybe not. The laundry room is calling. That's it for today!