Friday, September 29, 2006

Danger, whining ahead.

Here is my girl, peeking through the leaves. Fall is definitely here. I love the colors, and the crisp, fresh air. It has been rather cool and rainy this fall, so I feel a bit ripped off.

In the scrapping world, just finished and sent some projects for Memory Trends. It feels good to have them done. I'm just not at the top of my creative game right now. In fact, I'm not on top of many aspects of my life right now. More later on that. I feel I need a new challenge. I'm slightly bored with my stuff, and need a change. Maybe some of the challenge blogs are the way to go. Who knows? I need to do some Halloween pages for my LSS for an upcoming class. Got one done tonight. It's OK. Mojo, where are you?

So here is my latest "Kay, you're a total moron" story. Em came home for the weekend. She wanted to go to the Homecoming parade and game. So when she's home, she parks behind me in the driveway, and I pull out around her. So last night I thought to myself that I needed to remember she was parked behind me. Again, this a.m. I mentally reminded myself again before heading out the door. So what did I do when I left for work? Backed right into her car. What an ass. I tell you, I'm not sure where my brain is any more. Seriously. No major damage to either vehicle, but my ego took another serious blow. I mean how many dumb things can one person do before seriously contemplating whether one is completely retarded? And my neck hurts. That's how hard I hit it. MORON.

So tonight is the big homecoming game. And again I feel a ton of guilt about not attending. Em pointed out my lack of school spirit yet again. Why do I not want to go? Because I work there. Because from 7:15 a.m. until 3:30 I'm "Mrs. Rogers." And my being that person means I can't be Em and Jenna's mom for that time. Or Kay, the person who scrapbooks. Or Bill's wife. So when I walk out those doors it is really important to me that I reclaim the other aspects of my life. Because I give A LOT of myself to my job. I'm a good teacher. I work really hard at it. But there is a cost to the rest of me. And I am trying to minimize the cost to some degree. So sorry Em. I know I let you down.

One new challenge for me, a former student who is on the Equestrian Team asked if I would be willing to take team and individual pictures of the team. How cool is this? A new challenge. Just what I wanted!

Have a great Friday. I'm going to bed.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

To post, or not to post.

First, it has been one crazy, busy week. Again. I can't believe that I haven't blogged for almost a week! Yikes. School is good, but busy. Scrapping deadlines for Memory Trends all week, and went cropping on Friday night. Then taught a class at my LSS yesterday, and went out to dinner with Bill's aunt, uncle, and his cousin's daughter last night. BUSY. Fun though!

So here is my dilemma. The "to post or not to post" debate. You see, I used to put every layout I did up on three online galleries as soon as I finished them. Immediate feedback. And I would also submit them to mags, etc. But now the requirements that layouts not be seen online have been kicked up a notch. And here is the thing. I have probably 20 layouts I haven't posted online yet. And it's bugging me. Because I've had luck in the past with getting pubbed doing it my tried and true way. Is this really going to help me get pubbed?

Let's take CK for instance. I have never gotten any love from CK. Even when I post a layout on their online gallery, I don't even get a "great adhesive" comment. I get nothing. So I am inclined to believe that I am not their style. Well, alrighty then. Bummer, because I love the magazine. But why hold back layouts when I haven't been pubbed with them before? Is it going to make any difference? I think not.

So why does it bug me to hold back these layouts? I don't know. It just does. Maybe because I'm not scrapping to get pubbed any more. Maybe that just doesn't matter as much to me now. And I'm following the words of wisdom of those that think this is the only way to do it, and I'm not sure I believe that to be true. I haven't listened to the "this is the only way to be successful in the biz" talk before, and I've found a level of success I am really happy with. So why am I doing that now?

Also, with all of the deadline (DT) scrapping I do, I can rarely publically post my work anyway. So how am I going to keep my name "out there" when I'm not putting any of my work out there? I feel like I'm fading into oblivion here, and I'm not sure that is good.

What do you think?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Manic Monday

Back to the grind today! Good times, I tell ya! But yesterday we had fun going to a local art fair, which is within walking distance from my house. It was a beautiful day, and my mom came with us. I loved looking at all of the jewelry and coming up with ideas! There sure were a lot of beads this year! I also loved looking around at the photography. There were some cool photos printed on canvas, and I talked to an artist for a long time about how he does it. COOL STUFF. It will be my next obsession, I can feel it.

Speaking of obsessions, the layout showcases a few, mine and Jen's. I played with the new KI Halloween for my LSS, and anyone who knows me knows I am KI obsessed, and Jen is obsessed with her new costume. If I need to pick up that witches hat one more time I may just scream! She puts it on at least three times a day. But she looks so dang cute in it, no?

Regarding KI, today is the big day. Good luck to everyone! No nerves here, as I already got farther than I could have ever imagined, so I'm happy! Have a great Monday!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

An eventful day!

Yesterday was so much fun. It was just the family fun time I needed after being in a foul mood all week at work. First, I went to my mom's for coffee, and visited with my sister who is in town until Tuesday. Everyone but Jayne made it, and we had fun visiting.

Then off to Bill's school district for a "Community" Day. The district rented a bunch of inflatables for the kids to play on, and since Bill was part of the committee that organized the event, we went early. The people setting up the inflatables let Jenna and the few other kids who were there early play on everything. So Jenna, with her usual lack of abandon, wore herself out before the event ever started! We stayed for about 4 hours, and Jen had a blast. There was this huge inflatable sponsored by the Marines, And I kept telling Jen is was for older kids. It was an obstacle course, with a climbing wall, and a huge slide at the end. But of course my tough little one had to try it. And she did it! Three times! (Maybe it was the pink and purple camo pants she was wearing?) Although the third time she had a little assistance from one of the marines. The first picture is Jen on a different inflatable where she was on a bungee cord and had to see how far she could run, and the second shows her delight down the slide (and check out those dirty feet!). What a crazy girl I have! LOL! We threw her in the tub the minute we got home, and she took a two-hour nap. Thank goodness.

Then off we went to the Balloon Fest. This is a community event put on every year, weather permitting. And for a small town, quite a few balloons and spectators show up each year. The event is for two days, and includes morning and evening activities. Last night, it started about 6, and we met my brother and his family, and my sister and her DH and his niece and nephew came too. It was fun to have such a big group! It started with the balloons taking off and flying through town. These balloons dot the skies for a week before the event. The as you wait for the "After Glow" there are skydivers who drop and land while you wait. Then the balloons come in and tether to the ground, and light. It's just so beautiful. Meanwhile there is a band playing, and yummy fair food. (Yes, there were elephant ears. None for me though!) It was such a cool day. Wish my Emily could have been there too!

Today, more fun. I'll post details and pics later!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Look mom!

A layout! I'm a little embarrassed . . . first because I ran to my LSS after school yesterday and "power shopped," as I only had a half hour, and ended up buying EVERY SINGLE THING from the new KI lines. I mean everything. Plus some cardstock, (KI Bazzill, OF COURSE), to the tune of $130. And yes, I get a discount. What a freak! But I have been so bummed because I haven't done any scrapping all week, and I needed me some "KI Therapy!" LOL.

So seriously, could I have fit one more thing on this layout? There's my second source of embarrassment. Scrapbook OVERKILL. I'll simplify next time, I promise. But if I'm to jumpstart the ol' MOJO, this is the way it works for me.

And it looks like I won't be doing much more scrapping this weekend . . .there are some really cool things going on in town this weekend. Pictures will follow, of course!

So signing out for now . . .need to get ready for our fun day! Have a great Saturday!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Today was one major scrapping MARATHON. Whew. I am creatively FRIED. But it feels good to finally have some of these deadlines DONE. I thought resigning from Scrap Muse would free up a lot more time, but it really hasn't. I felt very down about not being a Scrap Muse designer today. Even though it was my choice, and I received nothing but support from Leslie and the member of SM, it just feels weird that I will not be uploading my kit designs this month. I'm kind of down. Not gonna lie.

What I did get done? Three projects for DCWV for a CK call, four projects for DCWV for QVC, a layout and a card for a Hero Arts class I'm teaching at my LSS, two BasicGrey layouts for another class at my LSS, and two KMA layouts for September. I still need to add some odds and ends on some of these projects, but it sure feels good to have gotten something done. FINALLY. My TO-DO list was getting kind of ridiculous. And today was a dreary, cold day, perfect for staying inside and nesting.

I did have a double espresso this afternoon, so who knows when or if I will be sleeping. I need to scan and send some of these projects, but just don't have the heart for it tonight. I'll run to my LSS tomorrow to drop off my samples. Penny and Tracy are so good to me, I feel bad that it has taken me this long to finish these samples. Now that I'm caught up, I need to stay on top of it. No more marathons. I can't take it!

Have a great Saturday.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Sending out an APB

for my mojo. I'd give a big reward if you could help me find it. I'm talking BIG. Still beating myself up, trying to do it all. Trying to find the energy to play with Jenna at the end of the day, while keeping the house in order, dinner on the table, and keep up with school all day. And while those things are in place, my scrapbooking has taken a serious back seat. And I know once I get back into the swing of scrapping, something else will give. Like my house will look like crap, or I'll fall behind at school. It seems I really can't do it all. And I hate that. So I need to learn how to strike a balance. And I'm sure it will happen as I get back into the routine. In the meantime, I'm bummed, wishing I had a few more hours in each day to accomplish something.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stop the bus . . .

Time is just FLYING by! I'm trying to enjoy the last of the good weather. I love Michigan in the almost makes up for the winters which squeeze the life right out of you. I get cabin fever SO BADLY, I could cry from the memory. It's like being placed in a room where the oxygen supply is slowly cut off. That's winter for me. You think I'm exagerating, don't you? So I'm trying to spend this time playing with Jen outdoors.

After a full day of teaching, I feel that time I spend with Jen is too important. And there just isn't enough of it. My mommy guilt is setting in, big time. I'm sure I'll settle into a routine soon enough.

Went in for my Laryngoscopy today. The bad news? They shoved a tube through my right nostril down my throat to check out my vocal chords. The good news? There seems to be nothing wrong. No nodules. Good news but no answers.

The picture shows the first signs of fall. My dad always teases me in early fall, pointing out the changing leaves, reminding me that fall and school are starting. I guess it's official dad. It's here!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Under the wire.

I am usually not someone who misses deadlines, or is late with them. And this month, I cut the deadline pretty dang close. I think maybe I was stressed out over the whole KI thing. Who knows? So today, I wanted to get my PC things done. I not only had my normal monthly assignments, but a special project I needed to finish up. AACK.

Plus, I needed to go to my mom's this a.m. so Em could visit with her grandparents. Plus we went shopping with my mom and got Jen some fall clothes, since fall is ANNOYINGLY EARLY this year. Plus we went out to lunch. Then over to my LSS to drop off page samples. Plus I needed a high-powered coffee. Then my walk, then to finish my projects, scan and send them. Plus a TON of paperwork. I still have tests to grade this weekend. Plus a laryngoscopy on Tuesday, plus dance lesspns. Then Open House on Wednesday. Add to that sending off my PC projects, as well as my MM page, and you have ONE STRESSED OUT GAL. I probably should do the bills at some point as well.

I guess, in short, I am having a hard time striking a balance in my life right now. Stressing me out something fierce. But life goes on, no?

Pages are samples for my LSS using MME. I know Em looks stoned in them, but really she wasn't! LOL!

Have a great Sunday. For 27 more minutes, in my neck of the woods!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kind of a big day for me.

Pretty hard to put into words what today has meant to me. But here goes.

First, I got a page picked up for the "Style" book by Memory Makers books, by Kitty and Wendy. Having a page picked up is still exciting to me. Any page. But this one is special. It is about my sister Beth, and the story of how we almost lost her. It means so very much to me, and the fact that it got picked up for pub . . . well that's beyond cool. (And if you're reading this Beth, your beautiful face will be appearing in a magazine!!!!!) It just doesn't get any better than that . . .

or does it?

Went cropping tonight with Jami. It's been ages since I have completed a page. Too long. So off we went to the LSS. I got a few things done, but knew from looking at the pub when I left that the KI calls were starting in the evening. And while I had counted myself out, I had hope.

I blogged before about how much this contest means to me, in terms of loving all things KI. Always have. And meeting them at CHA Atlanta two years ago just sealed the deal. You see I was already a fan. Then I went to CHA. Think small fish in big pond. That was me. Frankly, some vendors had absolutely no time for us "mere designers." And I totally get that. This is a business. And that depends on sales. And I didn't have buying power. But the people at KI were so amazing. First, a sweet girl who was working the booth recognized a "KI Freak" like myself, and she offered me a KI button. I know this makes me a total geek, but I was so excited! She then said I needed a picture with Kim, and called her over. Kim was as sweet as could be. And who was I? Small fish, baby. Nobody. But she took the time to pose for a picture and talk to me and my friends Maddy and Mikki. I can't tell you what that meant. If I was a fan before, multiply by 100. That's me.

Along comes the album contest. Should I enter? Do I have a chance? Am I good enough? Self-doubt, self-preservation, all fought against me. I mean, how could I NOT enter a contest for my dream DT? What kind of loser does that? Well. Almost me. But I persevered, and did an album that I love. And sent it off. And dared to hope that I could possibly make an "honorable mention" list. It was a huge step for me. I don't create just for calls or contests.

So tonight while cropping with my SIL Jami, with no internet access, we called her daughter to keep me posted on who was being called. I figured I could be happy for the winners. Maybe I would know someone who won, and how cool would that be? Imagine my surprise when my cell phone rings. And no, I didn't list my cell phone on the entry. And the call was "restricted." It was Kim and Ira. The K and I of KI Memories. I swear, I almost passed out. I'm sure I saw stars. I think I said, "Is this some sort of cruel joke?" Nice, Kay. Swift. And they were so kind. The weird thing is, when I got the call, I walked out of the crop room, right over to the KI section of the store to talk. How funny is THAT? It turns out they had called home, and woke up Bill. Lord only knows what he told them. We talked for a while, and I could tell that both Kim and Ira were genuinely happy to be making these calls, and that they were happy for all of the finalists.

When I got off the phone after blathering like a ninny, I went back into the crop room to Jami. I am SO THANKFUL that Jami was with me. She had tears in her eyes, she was so happy for me. She gets it. She knows how important this was for me. People outside the scrapping world don't get it. And that's OK. I didn't either. But she did. Love you, girl!

So I did it. I am a finalist. I surpassed my goal of "HM" And I wish I could put into words how much that means to me. This company whose designs I love, and whose owners/designers I respect and admire, like my work. Does it get any better than this? I think not. What a big day.

Check it out!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Where did the week go?

I cannot believe I haven't blogged since last Sunday! Wow, this week just flew by. No school today. HURRAY! It's a four-day weekend, and dangit that just makes me happy!

Jen started dance this week...tap to be exact. I'm not sure she's exactly a natural, but she sure likes looking in the mirror for a half hour straight! Stupid me, forgot my camera. And I NEVER do that! I'm bummed. But I'll snap some next week.

That reminds me, I haven't taken many pictures lately. Don't know what that's all about. So this weekend is "operation paparazzi." I need some pictures for inspiration.

Scrapbooking. Well. Still haven't done a thing. I think this is the longest I've gone in the last three years without doing anything. I mean NOT A THING. It's weird. But today is the day. I need to break the spell. And I'm cropping tonight, so that ought to do it! Wish me luck.

Today are the KI announcements. I assume the finalists have been notified before today and nope, I'm not one of them. It's too early to comment on my's been so interesting to me to see all of the people who have been seriously bummed out over the DT's the last week. It makes me sad that people would want to quit this amazing hobby because they didn't get a spot. I'm not judging anyone here. Everyone needs to look inside themselves and make that decision. And everyone has a right to their feelings. I just never feel that way. Quit? Me? No way. I love this hobby. And if I never got another DT or pubbed page, I would still love this hobby. And even if KI doesn't choose me as a finalist? Still love the stuff. That won't change. Again, that's just me. I don't expect others to feel the same way.

The other night as I was walking I ran into two of my students from last year. I stopped and we talked for about 20 minutes. We laughed, and caught up, and I asked them about their teachers this year, and we had a great conversation. I love these two girls, and it struck me as I walked away is how much I love what I do. Being a teacher and having the opportunity to meet so many amazing people...that's just good stuff. Maybe that's why the losses in scrapbooking don't hit me so hard. Or maybe I'm just shallow. Who knows?

And the US Open. Now that's a good thing! And Andre WON!!!!!!! Love tennis. Love Andre. It's all good!

Nothing more to say right now. Maybe I should stop typing about my uneventful life right now and start scrapbooking. You think?