Sunday, September 17, 2006

An eventful day!

Yesterday was so much fun. It was just the family fun time I needed after being in a foul mood all week at work. First, I went to my mom's for coffee, and visited with my sister who is in town until Tuesday. Everyone but Jayne made it, and we had fun visiting.

Then off to Bill's school district for a "Community" Day. The district rented a bunch of inflatables for the kids to play on, and since Bill was part of the committee that organized the event, we went early. The people setting up the inflatables let Jenna and the few other kids who were there early play on everything. So Jenna, with her usual lack of abandon, wore herself out before the event ever started! We stayed for about 4 hours, and Jen had a blast. There was this huge inflatable sponsored by the Marines, And I kept telling Jen is was for older kids. It was an obstacle course, with a climbing wall, and a huge slide at the end. But of course my tough little one had to try it. And she did it! Three times! (Maybe it was the pink and purple camo pants she was wearing?) Although the third time she had a little assistance from one of the marines. The first picture is Jen on a different inflatable where she was on a bungee cord and had to see how far she could run, and the second shows her delight down the slide (and check out those dirty feet!). What a crazy girl I have! LOL! We threw her in the tub the minute we got home, and she took a two-hour nap. Thank goodness.

Then off we went to the Balloon Fest. This is a community event put on every year, weather permitting. And for a small town, quite a few balloons and spectators show up each year. The event is for two days, and includes morning and evening activities. Last night, it started about 6, and we met my brother and his family, and my sister and her DH and his niece and nephew came too. It was fun to have such a big group! It started with the balloons taking off and flying through town. These balloons dot the skies for a week before the event. The as you wait for the "After Glow" there are skydivers who drop and land while you wait. Then the balloons come in and tether to the ground, and light. It's just so beautiful. Meanwhile there is a band playing, and yummy fair food. (Yes, there were elephant ears. None for me though!) It was such a cool day. Wish my Emily could have been there too!

Today, more fun. I'll post details and pics later!

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Tonia said...

OMG-what a BUSY and fun-filled weekend! GREAT photos Kay! i have a very similar one of Trevor on that bungee thing from when we went to the Buffalo Bills training camp this summer. Love J's pants! Glad you had such a fun weekend!