Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, I survived the Thanksgiving weekend. While I was the hostess I probably had the least amount of work. Everyone in the family brought something, and my mom even made the turkey, stuffing, and gravy at her house and brought it over. Easy peasy. Emily and Hayley (AKA mini-Marthas) baked the pies Wednesday while I was at school. The dinner was very relaxed and delicious. I truly believe my mom's stuffing is the best food on earth. Seriously.

Before the dinner I had all of the grandkids come over for a picture. Jenna was in rare form, of course. That girl just wears me out sometimes. This is one of the best shots. I made them all go outdoors after unsuccessfully capturing them inside with studio lights. The complained about the cold and snow, but like true paparazzi I kept on shooting.

Friday we went to Ford Field to watch our football team try for the state title. What an amazing experience. And while we were unsuccessful at the state title, it was such an accomplishment to make it that far. Chemic Pride was alive and well. I think 80% of Midland showed up at the game!

The rest of the weekend I was lazy. Seriously so. I am embarrassed and how little I accomplished. And while I have Christmas shopping to do, I just didn't have the heart to go out and battle the crowds. So instead I stayed in and ate. And ate some more. Then I took a nap and woke up and had a snack. Did I mention I was a touch lazy? In the midst of the fun our dryer broke. Bill replaced that yesterday and we worked on laundry to see how well it worked. It's tough to live such an exciting life.

OK, off to have a snack and lay down. Are you noting a theme?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You know it's been a while . . .

since your last blog post when you have to log into your Google account. Where on earth is the time going? I feel like I finally remembered to label my checks with October and we're already to Thanksgiving. Is this time flying phenomena yet another reminder that I'm getting old? Why yes, I believe it is.

Jenna went hunting last weekend with Bill. Yes, that's right, I allowed my five-year-old daughter out in the woods with firearms. It totally freaked me out. And yet Bill is a hunter and wants to share it with his daughter. I had to ask myself if she were a boy would I be less nervous? Answer, a little bit. He wasn't on state land, and she really wanted to go. I prepped Bill beforehand, saying she may freak out if he actually shot a deer. (Translation - I WILL FREAK OUT IF YOU SHOOT A DEER IN FRONT OF MY DAUGHTER). I am not anti-hunting, but have absofreakinglutely no desire to see one shot. Jenna is different. Bill said the minute she saw the buck she said, "Daddy, you HAVE to shoot it!" So Bill had earplugs on her, had her hold her ears, and as soon as he shot yelled, "He shoots, He Scores, High five, daddy!" Um, yeah. That would have been my reaction exactly. She is still excited. I predict she will be a fabulous hunter one day.

We also went out to dinner last weekend with my good friends Mark and Sally. Bill was a touch late trying to get out of the woods with Jenna's deer, but we had fun. Mark had been to the MHS football game, and is the #1 MHS football fan. So it was great to hear him describe the win that propelled our team to the state finals. This group of seniors were my first group of freshmen when I moved up to the high school, and I am so excited for them. They'll be playing a fantastic team, and yet they know they can overcome a 28-7 deficit to win a semifinal game. GO CHEMICS! We had a pep rally yesterday, and despite the behavior of a few, it was quite a feeling. We also had a swimmer who won first place at the state meet. Go Gessi!

Thanksgiving is hosted here this year, and everyone is bringing something. So I have very little stress. I'm looking forward to family time. I'm taking pictures of the grandkids since Billy will be home. I'm also taking family pictures for one of my student's families. I really need some time off. Em is already home and she and Hayley are making the pies today. It's best I won't be home to see the mess . . . hopefully it will be cleaned up by the time I get home from school.

In scrappy news, I got my copy of 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas yesterday. I had nine pages picked up for that book, and it was a kick looking through the book at those pages. Even Bill was impressed. (It may be because his picture is IN the book, LOL!) Jenna's sweet face appeared three times on the front and back covers, which was also a first. I need to make more time to scrap and submit. Maybe I'll get caught up over xmas vacation and get back on a regular schedule. We'll see! I posted two layouts I did last weekend JUST FOR ME. I actually go them done while Bill and Jenna were hunting. Go figure!

I'm sure this is my last blog post for a few. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have so very much to be thankful for . . .

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mondays can be a bummer.

Especially when your girl wakes up at 4:00 a.m. with a migraine. I can't believe she is starting them this early . . . her first was on our trip home from Disney last spring break. It's in the family, but no one started as young as the J-bird. The good news is once she finally got herself to sleep she woke up and it was gone. That was really the only way for me as well. Now Alleve takes the edge off for me and I don't always need to sleep, assuming I take it in time.

So J and I have been hanging out all day. It was rainy and dreary, but the sun is peeking out now, thank goodness. She's fine and I'm bored.

Here is the latest of my girls. Used my friend's studio lights. I think this needs to be my next investment. I'd love a new camera, but shooting with lights (and learning the process) may just get me through the winter without offing myself. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter? No? Well, 'tis true.

Have a fabulous Monday.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Layouts Galore

I finished eight, that's right, EIGHT layouts this weekend. It was scrapping like I haven't experienced for months. Reminded me why I like this hobby so much. Here's one of my girls using a cool new line from Sassafras Lass. Hope you like it!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

A few layouts

from the September newsletter at Scrap Supply. Have I mentioned how much I love this team? I am such a slacker anymore about submitting or updating my online galleries. There just aren't enough minutes in a day for me to accomplish everything I would like.

By the way, have you checked out the November Newsletter from Scrap Supply? There are some fantastic articles and ideas. You won't be disappointed!

It's been a slow Saturday. I actually scrapped today. I had a wonderful, motivating surprise this a.m. which woke up my mojo. I looked at this thread at 2 Pea's. It totally made my day. So I emailed the person who mentioned me, and thanked them. I needed that. So I did some layouts today for the BHG idea book call. I'm not so great at lifting people, but I tried. At least I'm submitting something. It's been since last spring (or maybe even before that) since I've had the nerve to try to submit. Wish me luck, I'll need it!

Jennabean is coughing up a storm. Day 7 on an antibiotic, and sicker than ever. I tell you, this is bad. I feel awful for her. And Em's football team lost today. Sorry, hon!

Have a great Saturday. We get to "fall back" tonight for daylight savings time. An extra hour of sleep . . . life is good.

Don't you love my new song? I think it's my fave right now. Peace out, peeps!