Saturday, November 03, 2007

A few layouts

from the September newsletter at Scrap Supply. Have I mentioned how much I love this team? I am such a slacker anymore about submitting or updating my online galleries. There just aren't enough minutes in a day for me to accomplish everything I would like.

By the way, have you checked out the November Newsletter from Scrap Supply? There are some fantastic articles and ideas. You won't be disappointed!

It's been a slow Saturday. I actually scrapped today. I had a wonderful, motivating surprise this a.m. which woke up my mojo. I looked at this thread at 2 Pea's. It totally made my day. So I emailed the person who mentioned me, and thanked them. I needed that. So I did some layouts today for the BHG idea book call. I'm not so great at lifting people, but I tried. At least I'm submitting something. It's been since last spring (or maybe even before that) since I've had the nerve to try to submit. Wish me luck, I'll need it!

Jennabean is coughing up a storm. Day 7 on an antibiotic, and sicker than ever. I tell you, this is bad. I feel awful for her. And Em's football team lost today. Sorry, hon!

Have a great Saturday. We get to "fall back" tonight for daylight savings time. An extra hour of sleep . . . life is good.

Don't you love my new song? I think it's my fave right now. Peace out, peeps!

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Shaunte Wadley said...

Ms. Rogers-
I love that soccer layout, I hope someone picks that up soon--its awesome! (as always)