Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You know it's been a while . . .

since your last blog post when you have to log into your Google account. Where on earth is the time going? I feel like I finally remembered to label my checks with October and we're already to Thanksgiving. Is this time flying phenomena yet another reminder that I'm getting old? Why yes, I believe it is.

Jenna went hunting last weekend with Bill. Yes, that's right, I allowed my five-year-old daughter out in the woods with firearms. It totally freaked me out. And yet Bill is a hunter and wants to share it with his daughter. I had to ask myself if she were a boy would I be less nervous? Answer, a little bit. He wasn't on state land, and she really wanted to go. I prepped Bill beforehand, saying she may freak out if he actually shot a deer. (Translation - I WILL FREAK OUT IF YOU SHOOT A DEER IN FRONT OF MY DAUGHTER). I am not anti-hunting, but have absofreakinglutely no desire to see one shot. Jenna is different. Bill said the minute she saw the buck she said, "Daddy, you HAVE to shoot it!" So Bill had earplugs on her, had her hold her ears, and as soon as he shot yelled, "He shoots, He Scores, High five, daddy!" Um, yeah. That would have been my reaction exactly. She is still excited. I predict she will be a fabulous hunter one day.

We also went out to dinner last weekend with my good friends Mark and Sally. Bill was a touch late trying to get out of the woods with Jenna's deer, but we had fun. Mark had been to the MHS football game, and is the #1 MHS football fan. So it was great to hear him describe the win that propelled our team to the state finals. This group of seniors were my first group of freshmen when I moved up to the high school, and I am so excited for them. They'll be playing a fantastic team, and yet they know they can overcome a 28-7 deficit to win a semifinal game. GO CHEMICS! We had a pep rally yesterday, and despite the behavior of a few, it was quite a feeling. We also had a swimmer who won first place at the state meet. Go Gessi!

Thanksgiving is hosted here this year, and everyone is bringing something. So I have very little stress. I'm looking forward to family time. I'm taking pictures of the grandkids since Billy will be home. I'm also taking family pictures for one of my student's families. I really need some time off. Em is already home and she and Hayley are making the pies today. It's best I won't be home to see the mess . . . hopefully it will be cleaned up by the time I get home from school.

In scrappy news, I got my copy of 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas yesterday. I had nine pages picked up for that book, and it was a kick looking through the book at those pages. Even Bill was impressed. (It may be because his picture is IN the book, LOL!) Jenna's sweet face appeared three times on the front and back covers, which was also a first. I need to make more time to scrap and submit. Maybe I'll get caught up over xmas vacation and get back on a regular schedule. We'll see! I posted two layouts I did last weekend JUST FOR ME. I actually go them done while Bill and Jenna were hunting. Go figure!

I'm sure this is my last blog post for a few. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have so very much to be thankful for . . .


Andrea Amu said...

You really should've gone into the woods with them to photograph that hunting experience!

So lucky you got your 601 book...I was hoping mine would've come before Thanksgiving, but no such luck.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicole said...

love that story...had me laughing out loud =)

loved seeing your layouts in the book...i keep looking at mine and seeing something new each time.