Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, I survived the Thanksgiving weekend. While I was the hostess I probably had the least amount of work. Everyone in the family brought something, and my mom even made the turkey, stuffing, and gravy at her house and brought it over. Easy peasy. Emily and Hayley (AKA mini-Marthas) baked the pies Wednesday while I was at school. The dinner was very relaxed and delicious. I truly believe my mom's stuffing is the best food on earth. Seriously.

Before the dinner I had all of the grandkids come over for a picture. Jenna was in rare form, of course. That girl just wears me out sometimes. This is one of the best shots. I made them all go outdoors after unsuccessfully capturing them inside with studio lights. The complained about the cold and snow, but like true paparazzi I kept on shooting.

Friday we went to Ford Field to watch our football team try for the state title. What an amazing experience. And while we were unsuccessful at the state title, it was such an accomplishment to make it that far. Chemic Pride was alive and well. I think 80% of Midland showed up at the game!

The rest of the weekend I was lazy. Seriously so. I am embarrassed and how little I accomplished. And while I have Christmas shopping to do, I just didn't have the heart to go out and battle the crowds. So instead I stayed in and ate. And ate some more. Then I took a nap and woke up and had a snack. Did I mention I was a touch lazy? In the midst of the fun our dryer broke. Bill replaced that yesterday and we worked on laundry to see how well it worked. It's tough to live such an exciting life.

OK, off to have a snack and lay down. Are you noting a theme?

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