Friday, June 30, 2006


I am just not feeling well. I have a cold, AM LOSING MY VOICE AGAIN (sorry to shout, but this happens WAY too often), and I'm tired. It's a mild cold, but annoying nonetheless.

Today . . . I went for a long walk in the a.m., which is always such a good way for me to start my day. Did a layout for the July SM kit, but am too lazy to scan. Also went to the grocery store. It was surprisingly busy . . . I thought everyone would already be gone. Our town is SO EMPTY on vacation weeks/weekends. Not us, by golly! We're still here! Jen played in the sprinkler while I sat outside and read. Then I took a nap. A long, glorious nap. How boring am I? We drove to Bay City after dinner to walk by the water and see the boats. We ran into someone who shoots (target) with Bill, who had a huge boat docked in preparation for the fireworks. We went on the boat, toured it, and had a nice visit. It's so much fun to chance upon someone like that and just visit for a while. We used to be boating people (on a MUCH smaller scale) and it made me miss it a bit. When he said his gas bill was $1500 a shot, well I came to my senses.

Tomorrow is my first jewelry class, and I'm so excited! I'm making earrings and a necklace, and hopefully I'll learn some tricks of the trade. Now, I need to get Jenna her ice (she has a thing for ice) and maybe pull together some things for my next layout. I think I'm going to be BOLD and do a BPS layout instead of a kit layout. Me, procrastinate a deadline? I guess so JUST THIS ONCE. Plus I found out I'm teaching a class for my LSS and need to work up samples.

Another big excitement for me . . . WIMBLEDON. Love tennis. Absolutely ADORE watching it. Andre Agassi? My hero. LOVE HIM. Have you seen the interviews about him retiring? What a good man he is. The tennis world is losing one of the great ones. That's all I have to say.

Sorry to bore you. I'm boring myself. And did I mention? I don't feel well. Say hi if you visit!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Honey, I'm home!

So on Monday, DH comes home and says he has vacation days to use up by July 1. We're not the "let's join EVERYONE ELSE on vacation in the mad rush that is July 4th" kind of people. Nope. Never have been. We're the "let's enjoy a very quiet town while others are vacationing" type. We hit vacation spots when others are working. We knew we needed to beat the mad rush of Michiganders heading north this weekend. So off we went to the Columbus Zoo. I quickly put the house in order, packed, send DT stuff to Provocraft, canceled and resceduled appointments, and off we went. It was an easy drive, and we had a lot of fun. The zoo was TERRIFIC, and Jenna walked the whole thing. It wasn't until the last exhibit that she got whiny, which was fine because we were on our way out. We just stopped and had an iced lemonade, and life was good. We also beat the rush there and arrived right when it opened. When we left it was crazy hectic. Took some amazing photos there . . . although a lot of the exhibits are through glass, so they are hard to photograph. Here's my buddy.

Also, went to a TERRIFIC shopping complex. I mean AWESOME. Did I mention, there was an Archivers there? A very LARGE one? And being the freak that I am, I dropped a hundred bucks faster than you can say "heavy user." Why do I do this? Especially knowing I was coming home to boxes of assignments. (There were 4. Boxes. Of. Work.) What did I buy, you ask? Designing with Type, (worship the DW series. Worship, I tell you!), the new Daisy D's bright paper set (because a few sheets WOULD NOT DO. No way, sister.), the MM Olivia set (again, more paper than one needs in a LIFETIME), some more primas in a can (as if I didn't already have enough) and more BasicGrey (because I break out in a sweat when I use a piece.) Seriously, I need help.

So if I haven't returned an email, or have missed a call, that's where I have been. And now, it's time to do laundry and catch up from being away. Have a great Thursday, and thanks for posting when you stop in! It makes me happy!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What does a good student do?

Why, her homework of course! Or as my students call it, the "H-Dub." So here is another assignment for the BPS class I am taking. Can't divulge details, of course. Highly classified stuff.

Speaking of my students, one of my classes took to calling me the "OG." I had no idea what it meant, so I guessed "Old Grandma?" They were always giving me a hard time about my age, so I thought it was a decent guess! I guess it means "Original Gangsta." Is this a good thing? Do you know too many 40-year-old gangsters? These are the questions I ask myself. And THIS is what I miss about teaching. The fun with the kids. They make me laugh every day . . . it's my therapy. And if you're reading this Elaine, I miss you too.

Went for a power walk last night. Felt good! A lot less back pain, FINALLY. Man, hurting your back can really take it out of you, as well as pack on the lbs. But I feel like I am turning the corner and finally moving down in weight. With hypothyroidism it is SO TOUGH. But it can be done.

Have a great Tuesday. And if you visit, say hello!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Look mom, a layout!

No earrings for me today . . . at least not yet! I did this layout this a.m. from some good pics I have taken while my "mo" takes a break. I highly recommend that . . . pictures are what inspire me, and I was getting low on good ones!

Today is planning vaca's day. We need some little excusions, like a zoo, up north on the water, and CHICAGO. I finally decided no CHA for me. It would be fun, but only if I could see some of my online pals, and most aren't going. I'm bummed though that I'll miss meeting Shaunte (blog on left) because she CRACKS ME UP. The girl is seriously funny, and even more seriously talented. Also Kelly from KMA was going to be there, and it would have been fun to meet her.

I am feeling a bit down that my girl is turning 4 soon. Too soon. All of a sudden I feel it's going too fast! I know the drill, with Emily being 19 . . . which reminds me. She will be TWENTY this year. OMG. I am so NOT ready for this!

Maybe some new shoes will help. Or some new beads! Better yet, how about BOTH?

Have a great Monday.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Shoe Enabling

Check out these in the Paisley Rose, or these in the Galaxy Wine, or these or these in the Indian Cashmere Purple! Also, put a link to mine in my post below.

I think I must have another pair. MUST.

Somebody STOP ME!

OK, so here are my next two pair of earrings. I really like the blue and pink, but need to replace the top pink bead with something smaller. They're too big for this big girl! So I guess that means I need to go back to the bead store, no? I am so excited, because I am ALWAYS looking for cheap earrings. I am not one to invest in jewelry, it's just not important to me. But I love crystal beads, so I'm on to something!

We went to Frankenmuth yesterday. It is such a cool place, known as Michigan's Little Bavaria. It also has the world-famous Bronner's mega Christmas store. If you love Christmas, you must see it! The weather was PERFECT for our trip. We walked around, had dinner outside on a patio, and went to this outdoor mall with cool little specialty stores.

Today, I may just do a layout or two. Stranger things have been known to happen! Em is sore, but hanging in there. I'll share some pictures of our little day trip tomorrow. Today, it's all about the bling!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A new hobby!

First, let me update you on my Em. She's doing great. She's such a trooper, and hasn't complained at all. She has very little swelling, and hasn't taken any pain meds. She is my low-maintenance girl.

And the photo? These are my shoes. And I love them to death. Really, one shouldn't love shoes this much, but I do! And the pink toes? A gift of a pedicure from my DH. Hate my feet, LOVE the shoes. And the fat ankles? Well what's a girl to do? Em took the photo right after my 4-mile walk, ***ETA after taking off my walking shoes***and these dogs were BARKIN! But I love the shoes. They make me happy.

So here is my latest hobby experience. I've decided to take up beading. I want to make some SUPAH cool earrings that coordinate with my clothing. (AND my shoes, I'm not gonna lie.) So I went to a beading store today and got some basic tools, and I'm going to take a class. But for today, I'm venturing out on my own and making a simple pair of drop earrings. Wish me luck! I'll post the photo when I'm done.

***EDITED*** These little babies took me 10 minutes. I had the most trouble with making the little loop at the top. I am LOVIN' this, I tell ya!

****EDITED AGAIN*****The Shoes!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Feelin' wimpy.

So today Emily has to have her wisdom teeth out. Normal stuff, right? WRONG. I am such a wimp when it comes to one of my girls being in pain. You may just say I have some serious ISSUES with my girls being in pain. Does it matter that it's routine, and I have had my own out, so I know it's not a big deal? Nope. Does it matter that she isn't worried at all, in fact, she's excited that she gets some time off work? Not so much. Does it matter that she only has 3 wisdom teeth instead of 4? How about the fact that she's NINETEEN YEARS OLD. No. I'm still stressed. When I called my mom yesterday to see if she could watch Jen, I said, "Or you could take Em to her appointment!!!!!!!!" No bite. So I guess it's up to me to be the strong one.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Double Post Thursday!

While my mojo recovers, I've been taking some pictures. I went on some photography sites last night, and tried to teach myself about exposure, f-stops, etc. I swear it is a language I CANNOT learn! AARGH! But tonight while Jenna went over to a neighbors, I sat and played with my camera. And by golly, I think I learned something. I'm not ready to put a name to it yet, but PROGRESS. Baby steps, I suppose!

Here is a picture of the neighbor and her friend. They walked over while I was experimenting with my camera (and were probably thinking, "what is that crazy lady DOING?" But I got this sweet picture of the two of them. Friends. What could be better?


I got my PC projects done. DONE, I tell you! I'm so happy. Just got the box on Tuesday, and I'm DONE. Did I mention? You guessed it. I have a hard time letting deadlines "sit" out there. I feel so much better when I don't procrastinate and just GET TO WORK. Wish I could share them, but alas, cannot. If you're going to CHA, look for them please! Even take a pic for me! Gracias.

So what's next? Four projects for DCWV. Just got the email for them yesterday. Don't have my box yet, so no need to start stressing on that one. YET. Plus I was a finalist for Cactus Pink, and July is my month. But no box there either, so no stress yet. Oh, and I should be getting my SM kit soon . . . no box. So I can't stress yet. OK, maybe I'm a TAD stressed, because somehow I will get all of the boxes on the SAME DAY, and my tension level will soar. But not today. I'M DONE!

Signed up for my first BPS class, and it starts today. Can't share the specifics, but I should be able to play a bit this afternoon JUST FOR ME. What a concept!

Oh, and did I mention, I'm done??!!??

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hunting for Fireflies

That's what we did last night. We drove out to the country at dusk to find them, and they were all over! So were the "skeetos" so it wasn't a very long trip. But we caught some in a jar, and ended up letting them go. I hoped to get some pictures, but it was too dark and I'm too dumb. I need to take lessons, I tell ya!!! This is a fun one though.

Woke up this a.m. to a major thunderstorm, which is weird because I was dreaming about a tornado. I'm not sure the weather forecasters have called the weather correctly ONCE this week. You see, I now have time to watch the weather. (Did I mention, I love summer?) I'm sure it's hard to call it in Michigan, but c'mon!

So during this wet, rainy, dreary day I'll be working on deadlines. Jen is going to daycare for the day. Got a big box from Provocraft for CHA, and need to finish 9 things. I got one done yesterday. I hate it when deadlines are looming, and won't rest until I get it done. (OK, maybe ONE quick nap.)


Five projects down, four to go. WHEW. But I'm fried. Creatively cooked. Overbaked. WHATEVAH.

While I was working, I got an email from DCWV that I need to do 4 projects by the 30th for QVC, which should run right into getting the new kit for Scrap Muse. good times.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Scrap Muse June Kit

It was so beautiful! I loved the papers from Melissa Frances, and the tinseltown letters and bookplates from Lil Davis. Here are my June projects.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Manic Monday

During the school year my busiest day is Sunday. It's the day I go to the grocery store, do the laundry, plan the week, pack the backpack, etc. Clearly that day is going to be Monday for the summer hours. Clearly for summer it will be Mondays. I'm flippin exhausted.

Here's what I did . . .

Got up at 5:30. Checked the boards, made my coffee, and organized my scrap room so when the PC stuff arrives I'm ready to go.

Took a shower at 6:30. Jen got up at about 7:00, so I made her breakfast, helped her brush her teeth, an dget dressed.

Went through the house, picked up, made beds, etc. Unloaded dishwasher, loaded it back up, and loaded washer.

Scanned, then packed my KMA layout and card to get ready to send it.

Off to run my errands. Gas station, post office, grocery store. Home to unpack groceries.

Changed laundry. Made lunch.

Since Em was home and wanted to play with Jen in the sprinkler, I decided to get in my walk. Put on my IPod, and off I went, four miles.

Came home, did another load of laundry. Sat down and answered emails. 15 minutes later, Bill comes home. "What are we going to do," he asks? "Let's take Jenna to the waterpark!" Off we go to the park. Jen has a blast.

When we get home, time to start dinner. Made, ate, cleaned up. Just started to sit down, and Bill says, "Let's go for a walk." OK. Off we go.

When we get home, Jen wants to play on swingset. Take some pictures of her. Emily comes out, looking gorgeous, so I snapped some pics of her too.

Came inside while Jen was taking a bath. Folded last load of laundry.

Uploaded layouts to ScrapMuse for June.

Sat down to write in blog.

Now I need to take a shower. I smell bad. Really bad. Maybe a bath . . . hmmm....

I hate Mondays.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just another Sunday

I'm setting into my summer routine (which is NOT having a routine) quite nicely, thank you. I'm spending some time scrapping, but NEED NEW PICTURES. Not too inspired with what I have. I probably won't have time to take any today, but maybe tomorrow.

Taking Mags and Jen to see "Cars" today. Then shopping for gifts for both grandpas. (Can you say LAST MINUTE?) Then going for dinner at mom's. Already got Bill his gift, which Jen announced the MOMENT we got back from the store. So much for the concept of "secret!" LOL

The layout . . . well, I'm a touch embarrassed. It was SO QUICK. But it's all I had in me last night. Mo? Where are you mo? Seriously, I'm a very fast scrapper. I can whip out a page VERY QUICKLY. (And sometimes I think it looks like I just threw it together, so I'm not advocating this method!) People always ask how I get so many pages done, and it confused me until I went to some crops and saw how long it takes other people. Especially during the school year my time is limited. REALLY limited. So I can't agonize over getting something "just right." Again, my creative process doesn't work that way. I rarely work on a page for more than one sitting. The exception being if I'm at a crop and want to add computer journaling. I will take it home and journal THE NEXT DAY. Can't stand having unfinished projects. It's like not finishing a book. Can't do that either.

How about you? Are you speedy or slow?

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The creative process...

I did a layout last night, and it has made me think about creativity. You see, I can't follow a sketch to save mt soul. And I can't "plan" what a layout will look like before sitting down to work on it. In my head, I SHOULD be be able to work that way. I mean, what joy I would have in sitting down and sketching out the perfect layout, with the perfect photo placement, etc. But I can't.

For instance, this layout. I was thinking something bright, like "Color Me Silly" or something KI. Bring out that bright green in her shirt and the background. Never in a million years was I thinking Fusion from BG. Never. Of course the bright colors were way too happy for this serious photo. And stamping? I don't stamp. I collect (ie scrap-hoard) them like nobody's business, but I don't stamp. So what did I do here? You guessed it. This layout just evolved. My creativity has taken a weird turn, and while I'd love to just follow it, I have a VERY BIG contest I'm looking into, and I can't have it turn now. NOT a convenient time, I tell ya!

Speaking of which, I RIPPED APART the layout I did for the contest yesterday. I mean literally disassembled the whole thing. I knew it wasn't what I wanted, but somehow I needed to try (as if I didn't already know the outcome) a pre-planned layout. I had it all on paper, as a sketch, and did the layout. Yeah, it was bad. Really bad. But somehow creatively it's what I needed to do at that moment. WEIRD. Redid the whole thing in less than an hour, and voila. Totally different. I'm scanning and saving what I do so once I lose I can look back and see where I went wrong. No seriously, so I can learn from this process. This putting yourself out there for the world to see process. It's tough for me, I'm not gonna lie!

Enjoy your Saturday!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Friday STALL . . .

Why am I such a procrastinator? Why am I spending ALL OF THIS TIME to make my blog pretty, instead of working on pages? As Jenna would say, "What in the Heck?!?!?" (BTW, don't know where she got that one. I don't use heck.) So here's the deal. I woke up early, hoping to get something done. Maybe a page for the KI entry. Did I do it? Heck no. Why? Don't know. Went and had coffee with my mom. Came home, and had time to work since JJ was at school. Did I work? No again. I went for a walk. Went to a pedicure appt that is for TOMORROW. Swift one, Kay. So Jen was tired after school and had lunch and watched a Mary Kate and Ashley movie. Did I work? That's right, no. She's been laying down, trying to take a nap for a half hour. Have I worked on a page? No. But I have a really pretty banner on my blog! I seriously need some help. Maybe next week? For now, I'd better go tackle the laundry I didn't get done yesterday.

The pic is one from the Nature Center. We rode our bikes there last night and walked around (8 miles on the bikes.) It is such a beautiful place . . . we're so lucky to have it! It is of bleeding hearts, and I've decided I must have these flowers (I guess it's a bush) in my yard. I'm on a mission . . .

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Welcome to my new blog!

I'm such a geek, and spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME yesterday changing templates on my blog. I'm working on my own banner, and some other little bells and whistles. I believe this is when I would tell someone else they need to get out more. Instead I am basking in my own world of geekiness. Welcome.

Today was a rather blah day for me. Still searching high and low for mo. Still adjusting to the life of SAHM and putting the "Mrs. Rogers" aspect of my life behind me. Every year it's an adjustment, and it surprises me. So much of my identity is wrapped up in the teacher side of me . . . and letting it go takes time. But time I have! Happy summer!

So I need to send out layouts and do the paperwork for them. Hate that aspect of being pubbed, but trying not to be a whiner. Here's a pic for the day of Jen playing in the sprinkler yesterday. Now THIS girl knows how to have fun!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Ramblings

Played with the new Sassafras Lass clear stamps today. (See layout). How fun are these? Please explain to me what genetic weakness causes one to accumulate all sorts of stamps, both foam and clear, and NEVER use them? I get in such a rut, and forget to try them. I think I'm so afraid of making a mistake that I freak out about them.

Got a call for an old layout yesterday, but it's a favorite so I'm excited. I've got to remember to drop it at the post office today. Wish me luck! Just got two more requests from MM for the Idea book. YIPPEE!

CHA deadlines looming. I agreed to having 8 projects done AND SENT by July 10 for ProvoCraft. And no, I have none of the details yet. I love a challenge! Also forgot that I have my Cactus Pink guest DT spot for July. Good thing I'm not behind anywhere else! Also, got a request from Sass to make one of my one-page layouts into a two-pager for a class kit. Got that done as well.

Hope I find my mojo soon. Wish me luck!!!!!!!

Shopping today with mom and the girls. It's a beautiful sunny day. Have I mentioned that I love summer?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

OK. I'm going to do it.

And if you've been reading my blog, you know what I mean. I'm just afraid of jinxing myself. If I haven't already!

Some of my favorite pictures of the last few days. I'm focusing on pictures whilst I look for my mo. Jo that is.

Wish me luck!

The KI Debate

So here is my issue. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a KI Fan. (ie. FREAK.) Love it. Have always loved it. Can't get enough of it. So what's my issue? The contest. I've had so many friends email me with the details of the big contest. And I've read about it, and debated it, and I just can't decide. On the one hand, why WOULDN'T I try? Don't you miss 100% of the shots you don't take? Hecks yeah. And a DT position for a year? You HAVE to be joking me! I'm ALL ABOUT THAT! That's one of my dream jobs.

But the issue is, I have gone on the website NUMEROUS times and applied for their DT. I mean, like once every other month. See, they have a place where you can do that right on the site. And I always start my application with, "Hi! It's me again!" OK, I think it's pretty funny, hoping they do too. And the reality is, if I were good enough for that team, someone would have contacted me by now. And I see the DT's work there . . . I wouldn't pick me either. I'm a realist. Don't talk me down here.

So why should I enter? I'm torn. To decide, I'm going to do some KI stuff this week for fun. If nothing else, it will be my "KI Therapy" which is when I do KI layouts for the sole purpose of making myself happy. Which I always am when KI is involved.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My first official day off!

And what did I get done? Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. It's embarassing, really. But I guess it is what I've been waiting for! When I dragged my sorry butt out of bed, Bill had coffee going. Bless his soul. He had a dentist appt, and had a late start (and 6 a.m. is VERY late for him.) So I had a cup (pot) of coffee while I finished the journaling on three layouts in progress. WHEW. That felt good to get done. Then I did a quick KI (therapy) layout. All before J was awake.

When J woke up, I did housework. Unloaded/loaded dishwasher (HATE THAT), did a load of laundry, picked up house and made beds (except for the disaster zone that is Em's bedroom) and tackled bills. Can I just say I am a tad bit behind on balancing the checkbook? Like, I haven't even looked at the balance since April? Good one, Kay. So while Jen prepared her Barbies for a birthday party, I worked on "the books." Every so often I would have to stop to put a party dress on one of the dolls, but two hours (and four phone calls to the Credit Union) and VIOLA! Finished.

So what does any normal person do after balancing their checkbook? Well they go shopping, of course! Off to "Tar-jay" for an ink cartridge, and a bikini for Jen. Why? Because a local pool in our area was just remodeled, and she wants to go swimming. Since it is UNSEASONABLY cold, it's the best I could do. So the moment we got home, on went the "kini." And she wore it all day, little tummy rolls and all. That's my girl.

What's next? A nap of course. For Jen? No way. She made more Barbie "par-TAY" plans, on the floor of my bedroom, while I read a book and dozed off. What a SLACKER I am! So that's what I want my summers off for? A nap? What a loser. (I'm not gonna lie, the nap felt GOOD!)

So next I went outside in the sun and read for another half hour. Jen was pretending to try to nap, but her bedroom window looks right over the deck where I was sitting. She was singing, jumping on the bed, you name it, she did it. STALLING. The girl is a master at that!

The best surprise of the day was a phone call from my friend Tonia. We met through an old DT, and met IRL at CHA last winter. Love that girl! It was nice catching up with her. I'm lucky to have met so many cool people through scrapbooking!

Then Bill came home from work early, and we took our nightly walk. He's trying to get in shape for Elk hunting in the fall, and I'm just trying to get in shape. We walked out short route, but tried to really keep up the pace. Em was home from work, so she watched Jen. When we got back we decided to go to the Texan for a chocolate malt. Not a small one mind you, but one big-a$$ glass full of fat-laden ecstacy. Seriously. Good. Stuff. So much for the walk, huh? It's good to have priorities, no?

So Jen just got out of the tub (dad's job) and she's sitting next to me, under a fuzzy blanket a cherished student made for me as an end-of-the-year gift. She's blowing spit bubbles (well, I might add) and looking through a cake magazine picking out her perfect birthday cake. I think I'm going to like summer!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Finally Drug Free

So I stopped taking all meds yesterday, both for the weirdo rash on my arms, and for my back. And I did OK! Even got in a few short walks, one to a grad party, and one with Jen to the park. My back miraculously did well. Life is good! So far, no itching either. Life is good!

So tomorrow begins my first official "day off." And already I have that weird feeling, like "what am I going to do with all of this time?" Therein lies the question. And it happens every summer. I go through this weird "reentry" feeling. Like I lost a part of my identity. Which I did. A huge part of who I am is a teacher. So who am I when I'm not a teacher? That's what I need to figure out. And it will take a while to become that other person and let the teacher part of my identity take a rest. Wish me luck!

So about the picture. We go to a local nature center quite often. It's an amazing place, with a lot of terrific things to do and explore. One small part of the center is the Homestead, which has a few really old buildings and a few animals. There is a rooster, and a hen. And whenever we go, Bill (AKA Dr. Doolittle) totally messes with this rooster. He makes all sorts of clucking sounds, even does a little chicken dance. He also flirts with the hen. It's quite a sight, I tell ya. And every time he drives this rooster WILD. He belts out "cockadoodledoo!" Continuously. It is so hilarious. I have a hard time taking pictures because I'm laughing so hard and the poor fella is obviously so upset/jealous.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Final Day . . .

is tomorrow! Yippee! I am feeling a bit ripped off that the next two weeks and weekends are busy with grad parties, etc. I WANT MY TIME TO MYSELF, dangit! No ties! But I guess that will happen soon enough.

It was a good and bad day today. Here are the highlights . . .

I met Sarah (Sarahak) today! At the same store where I have been getting my coffee all school year. She was delightful, as I expected her to be. She's just as sweet in person as she is online. Finally I know who she is!

I went to lunch with the math "girls" in the department. We went to Logan's and had a great lunch. I will miss them over the summer!

I got my grades done. What a relief. And I got my books put away, and my room somewhat organized. Tomorrow we have a grade verification meeting, and I need to finish some paperwork. Then "BYE BYE SCHOOL!" For the summer that is!

Jen and I went to the Gardens tonight. It may seem funny, but during the school year I'm too busy to notice things like changing seasons. I know that sounds dumb, but it's true! So walking through the gardens this evening I finally got a chance to enjoy and notice the beauty of summer. What a gift.

I took a great picture of my girl, but it was a bit fuzzy. (Who am I kidding? I took a hundred pics, but this one I love even though it was blurry.) So I made it into a watercolor using a filter in PSE. I realized that my mojo issues are because I don't have a lot of pictures that are inspiring me. So I'm snapping away for a while so I get inspired. (Wish me luck!)

My back is a bit better, but moving big math books from room to room didn't help. Still the drugs are working.

The bad news . . .

One of the office technical professionals' job was eliminated. And I'm so upset, I'm beside myself. We are in financial trouble as a district. There are hard times. But Robin has been with our district for 20 years. It turns out OTP's are "at will" employees, no seniority. When their positions are eliminated, as Robin's was, they are gone. And Robin has some health issues that require insurance coverage. Now it's gone. I am going to have to break my cardinal rule and say something . . .I can't look at myself in the mirror if I don't. THIS IS WRONG. I used to be proud to be a teacher in such a fine district . . . one that employs special people like Robin. But I'm not proud right now. Not at all.

OK. I'm done. And if you made it this far through my ramblings, you deserve a medal. Seriously.

As my student Ashley would say, "Peace Out, Rabbit." I don't even know what that means, but I think it works here.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Where is my Mo?

jo, that is! It seems like getting out of school (last day with kids) and I would be overflowing with creativity. Not so much. I still have to go into school tomorrow and Friday for meetings and grades, and that may be the problem.

Or maybe it's my aching back. You see, my journey to Curves caused a pulled muscle (with lovely muscle spasms to boot.) GOOD TIMES. So sitting to scrap is an issue. I called the Dr. yesterday (I feel like a hypochndriac) and he put me on painkillers and muscle relaxants. When I walked into school yesterday, I couldn't stand straight. I was hobbling in like a little old lady. OK, maybe not little. But an old lady nonetheless.

So now here's my morning meds routine. Two allergy meds for my weirdo skin rash. (Side effects of both? Drowsiness). Synthroid for my wacked out thyroid. A heavy duty painkiller (side effect - drowsiness), and a musce-relaxant (side-effect - you guessed it. Drowsiness.) Total? Five pills. Plus I'm suppsed to take the painkiller twice and the muscle-relaxant 3 times, plus one allergy pill at night. Can you say DRUGGED OUT? No wonder I have no mojo!!!

Took this sweet picture of JenJen tonight. My angel!

ProvoCraft June

Here are my June projects.

One of my favorite layouts . . .

of all times. And I put it up yesterday and got a lot of positive feedback. (Thank you to those who commented . . . it made my day!) It 's about Emily, and having her so young. The journaling says, "When I had you, I was only one year older than you are right now. And without a doubt I was too young. I had no job, no insurance, and I was a college student to boot. And as you were growing up I often felt you were unfairly judged for having such a young mother. I did NOT want you to become a statistic and prayed that you would rise above the stereotype of “child of divorce.” I remember your preschool teacher saying that she “worried what was behind your smile.” I think she was sure you couldn’t be happy under our circumstances. But you were. And growing up, as other kids fell by the wayside, made poor choices, and squandered opportunities, you kept yourself on the right track. Good grades, hard work, sports, and good decisions were your path, and you never strayed from that path. I have always marveled at your strength of character! And as you headed off to college this fall, I realized that you made it. You beat the odds and the stereotypes. I could not be more proud."

Monday, June 05, 2006

Life choices . . .

So when I had my girls so far apart, who knew money would be a problem. I had an "AHA" moment regarding money in our family the other day. My DH has decided he needs a motorcycle. A Harley nonetheless. (Can you say midlife crisis?) So we were at his sister's anniversary party, and his family members were asking when he was getting his cycle. He answered "when Jenna is out of daycare."

So the conversation went to daycare costs . . . we pay $135 a week, which I think is pretty cheap. Especially given the level of care by her current daycare provider. Plus she goes to preschool twice a week for the morning, which will be increased to three mornings next year. Add another $100 a month. So that's $640 a month in Jenna's care. Add to that the $325 we pay per month for MET (Michigan Education Trust), which will guarantee her tuition in any public college in Michigan. Grand total? $965 per month. GOOD TIMES.

Plus, I have Emily IN COLLEGE. When she was born, I bought her MET with student loan money (because I was in college at that time) and it cost $8000. Now for the same contract for Jenna, it cost close to $30,000. Even with Emily's tuition paid for, it still cost roughly $7000 for room and board and books for the year. Because we only pay for that during the school year, that adds another $875 for 8 months of the year. WOW. No wonder we're broke!

I guess that means we won't be buying a Harley anytime soon. And that's a bad thing? ;)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

One week closer to SWEET FREEDOM!

Next week is exam week, with two teacher workdays. The end is IN SIGHT. I can taste freedom, and it sure TASTES GOOD! Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I love my family too. And emotionally teaching takes it out of you. Summer is so wonderful to me for a lot of reasons, including no set schedule, scrapping late nights after everyone else is asleep, vacations, waterparks, pools, Jenna time . . . I just get tears in my eyes thinking of it.

Here is my week in review:

Beth left for the summer. I'm sad, and I'm going to miss her. She retired this year from teaching, so it's been an emotional time. But we're so happy to have her with us. We almost lost her to a heart attack this year, but she defied the odds and has made some changes in her life that will only bring her hapiness. She's one of the best people I will ever know. She's my hero.

I went scrapping last night with Jami, and while I was BEYOND tired, I managed to get five layouts done (sans journaling) and I really like them! I find that when I go out cropping the best thing for me to do is not expect to get "x number of layouts" done or watch the clock. I am practicing summer after all, so time is no object!

I got my SM deadlines done, including my article. That felt good to check off the list. I complain about deadlines, but it makes me find the time to scrap, and this was a fun kit to work with!

We went to the Superintendant of Bill's district's home for a wonderful dinner on Tuesday night. It was fun to meet and talk with the administrators and get to know who Bill works with. The food was wonderful, as was the company. The weather however was tornado-llike, and we lost power briefly a few times.

I joined Curves. It's time I work on my health again, and this is a start. I also want to get back in the habit of walking daily and I want to take a Yoga class. I'm going to make this time for myself. I need to. I went to my orientation and weigh-in. There's a little eye-opener. YIKES. The only shorts I could find that were slightly athletic were some I wore when I coached basketball 12 years ago. I guess it's time to invest in some new ones, eh?

Today is a full day as well . . . I am going to the Art Fair to see one of my students perform. Plus we have a graduation open house, and Bill's sister and DH's 25th anniversary party. But it's all good stuff . . . I am practicing summer you know!