Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just another Sunday

I'm setting into my summer routine (which is NOT having a routine) quite nicely, thank you. I'm spending some time scrapping, but NEED NEW PICTURES. Not too inspired with what I have. I probably won't have time to take any today, but maybe tomorrow.

Taking Mags and Jen to see "Cars" today. Then shopping for gifts for both grandpas. (Can you say LAST MINUTE?) Then going for dinner at mom's. Already got Bill his gift, which Jen announced the MOMENT we got back from the store. So much for the concept of "secret!" LOL

The layout . . . well, I'm a touch embarrassed. It was SO QUICK. But it's all I had in me last night. Mo? Where are you mo? Seriously, I'm a very fast scrapper. I can whip out a page VERY QUICKLY. (And sometimes I think it looks like I just threw it together, so I'm not advocating this method!) People always ask how I get so many pages done, and it confused me until I went to some crops and saw how long it takes other people. Especially during the school year my time is limited. REALLY limited. So I can't agonize over getting something "just right." Again, my creative process doesn't work that way. I rarely work on a page for more than one sitting. The exception being if I'm at a crop and want to add computer journaling. I will take it home and journal THE NEXT DAY. Can't stand having unfinished projects. It's like not finishing a book. Can't do that either.

How about you? Are you speedy or slow?

Have a great day!


chris jenkins said...

WOW - love all the layouts you got posted in your slide and this "quick" one is great!

as for me am both fast and slow and I can tend to throw something together quickly if I am in a groove or let one brew for awhile if I am not sure what I want to do.

Tonia said...

Wish I could scrap quickly-usually I am VERY slow! Love this page Kay!

Kelley said...

Hey Kay-just found your blog! I am also a very fast scrapper-can't go slow. Sometimes I wish I was one of those 5 hr per page scrappers, but like you my time is limited as a store owner and busy mom so I just create and move on. Have a great day.

Denise said...

I love this layout - so simple, yet it caught my eye because it's exactly my style! Love it!