Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One of my favorite layouts . . .

of all times. And I put it up yesterday and got a lot of positive feedback. (Thank you to those who commented . . . it made my day!) It 's about Emily, and having her so young. The journaling says, "When I had you, I was only one year older than you are right now. And without a doubt I was too young. I had no job, no insurance, and I was a college student to boot. And as you were growing up I often felt you were unfairly judged for having such a young mother. I did NOT want you to become a statistic and prayed that you would rise above the stereotype of “child of divorce.” I remember your preschool teacher saying that she “worried what was behind your smile.” I think she was sure you couldn’t be happy under our circumstances. But you were. And growing up, as other kids fell by the wayside, made poor choices, and squandered opportunities, you kept yourself on the right track. Good grades, hard work, sports, and good decisions were your path, and you never strayed from that path. I have always marveled at your strength of character! And as you headed off to college this fall, I realized that you made it. You beat the odds and the stereotypes. I could not be more proud."

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