Thursday, June 29, 2006

Honey, I'm home!

So on Monday, DH comes home and says he has vacation days to use up by July 1. We're not the "let's join EVERYONE ELSE on vacation in the mad rush that is July 4th" kind of people. Nope. Never have been. We're the "let's enjoy a very quiet town while others are vacationing" type. We hit vacation spots when others are working. We knew we needed to beat the mad rush of Michiganders heading north this weekend. So off we went to the Columbus Zoo. I quickly put the house in order, packed, send DT stuff to Provocraft, canceled and resceduled appointments, and off we went. It was an easy drive, and we had a lot of fun. The zoo was TERRIFIC, and Jenna walked the whole thing. It wasn't until the last exhibit that she got whiny, which was fine because we were on our way out. We just stopped and had an iced lemonade, and life was good. We also beat the rush there and arrived right when it opened. When we left it was crazy hectic. Took some amazing photos there . . . although a lot of the exhibits are through glass, so they are hard to photograph. Here's my buddy.

Also, went to a TERRIFIC shopping complex. I mean AWESOME. Did I mention, there was an Archivers there? A very LARGE one? And being the freak that I am, I dropped a hundred bucks faster than you can say "heavy user." Why do I do this? Especially knowing I was coming home to boxes of assignments. (There were 4. Boxes. Of. Work.) What did I buy, you ask? Designing with Type, (worship the DW series. Worship, I tell you!), the new Daisy D's bright paper set (because a few sheets WOULD NOT DO. No way, sister.), the MM Olivia set (again, more paper than one needs in a LIFETIME), some more primas in a can (as if I didn't already have enough) and more BasicGrey (because I break out in a sweat when I use a piece.) Seriously, I need help.

So if I haven't returned an email, or have missed a call, that's where I have been. And now, it's time to do laundry and catch up from being away. Have a great Thursday, and thanks for posting when you stop in! It makes me happy!


Jami said...

Hey does Bill know you have a new boyfriend. He is cute. HAHA!! That is a amazing photo. Glad you had a wonderful time and dang Archivers, you lucky ducky. Welcome home.

Linda F. said...

How cool is that! I LOVE the Columbus Zoo! And where was the Archivers? In Columbus? That's one of my favorite go-to towns for over-the-top shopping and pampering with Karen!

Amanda said...

That's so much fun! I'm glad you had a great time and that Jenna did so well. Archiver's rocks!

Gretchen said...

Wow, Kay, what a fun trip!! Glad you had so much fun!!

jen said...

Designing with Type is out? Really? I'm going in search of right now. Thanks for the PSA!

And, since when did work ever put us scrappers off of shopping for more supplies? Not me! I think you did the right thing in Archiver's, (in case you were loking for more validation!).

i. said...

Wish I'd known you were coming down here. I'm two minutes from the zoo!!