Monday, June 12, 2006

My first official day off!

And what did I get done? Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. It's embarassing, really. But I guess it is what I've been waiting for! When I dragged my sorry butt out of bed, Bill had coffee going. Bless his soul. He had a dentist appt, and had a late start (and 6 a.m. is VERY late for him.) So I had a cup (pot) of coffee while I finished the journaling on three layouts in progress. WHEW. That felt good to get done. Then I did a quick KI (therapy) layout. All before J was awake.

When J woke up, I did housework. Unloaded/loaded dishwasher (HATE THAT), did a load of laundry, picked up house and made beds (except for the disaster zone that is Em's bedroom) and tackled bills. Can I just say I am a tad bit behind on balancing the checkbook? Like, I haven't even looked at the balance since April? Good one, Kay. So while Jen prepared her Barbies for a birthday party, I worked on "the books." Every so often I would have to stop to put a party dress on one of the dolls, but two hours (and four phone calls to the Credit Union) and VIOLA! Finished.

So what does any normal person do after balancing their checkbook? Well they go shopping, of course! Off to "Tar-jay" for an ink cartridge, and a bikini for Jen. Why? Because a local pool in our area was just remodeled, and she wants to go swimming. Since it is UNSEASONABLY cold, it's the best I could do. So the moment we got home, on went the "kini." And she wore it all day, little tummy rolls and all. That's my girl.

What's next? A nap of course. For Jen? No way. She made more Barbie "par-TAY" plans, on the floor of my bedroom, while I read a book and dozed off. What a SLACKER I am! So that's what I want my summers off for? A nap? What a loser. (I'm not gonna lie, the nap felt GOOD!)

So next I went outside in the sun and read for another half hour. Jen was pretending to try to nap, but her bedroom window looks right over the deck where I was sitting. She was singing, jumping on the bed, you name it, she did it. STALLING. The girl is a master at that!

The best surprise of the day was a phone call from my friend Tonia. We met through an old DT, and met IRL at CHA last winter. Love that girl! It was nice catching up with her. I'm lucky to have met so many cool people through scrapbooking!

Then Bill came home from work early, and we took our nightly walk. He's trying to get in shape for Elk hunting in the fall, and I'm just trying to get in shape. We walked out short route, but tried to really keep up the pace. Em was home from work, so she watched Jen. When we got back we decided to go to the Texan for a chocolate malt. Not a small one mind you, but one big-a$$ glass full of fat-laden ecstacy. Seriously. Good. Stuff. So much for the walk, huh? It's good to have priorities, no?

So Jen just got out of the tub (dad's job) and she's sitting next to me, under a fuzzy blanket a cherished student made for me as an end-of-the-year gift. She's blowing spit bubbles (well, I might add) and looking through a cake magazine picking out her perfect birthday cake. I think I'm going to like summer!

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alecia*grimm said...

sounds like a wonderful day! All summer days should be like that. :-)