Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hunting for Fireflies

That's what we did last night. We drove out to the country at dusk to find them, and they were all over! So were the "skeetos" so it wasn't a very long trip. But we caught some in a jar, and ended up letting them go. I hoped to get some pictures, but it was too dark and I'm too dumb. I need to take lessons, I tell ya!!! This is a fun one though.

Woke up this a.m. to a major thunderstorm, which is weird because I was dreaming about a tornado. I'm not sure the weather forecasters have called the weather correctly ONCE this week. You see, I now have time to watch the weather. (Did I mention, I love summer?) I'm sure it's hard to call it in Michigan, but c'mon!

So during this wet, rainy, dreary day I'll be working on deadlines. Jen is going to daycare for the day. Got a big box from Provocraft for CHA, and need to finish 9 things. I got one done yesterday. I hate it when deadlines are looming, and won't rest until I get it done. (OK, maybe ONE quick nap.)


Five projects down, four to go. WHEW. But I'm fried. Creatively cooked. Overbaked. WHATEVAH.

While I was working, I got an email from DCWV that I need to do 4 projects by the 30th for QVC, which should run right into getting the new kit for Scrap Muse. good times.


Becca said...

Good luck on completing your work--you can do it!


Adrienne said...

You can do it! My kids love fireflies....

Sophia C. said...

Fireflies are my most favorite summer memory! Visiting my cousins in Ohio as a child and teen, taking my own big kids back east just to experience them. I want to go again with my babes and show them because with fireflies, seeing is believing! Thanks for the memories!


Jen said...

I have such vivid memories of catching fireflies as a child. Thanks for bringing them back to me with your post!!!

Tracy said...

Firefly pics - now that IS a challenge! Love your banner, by the way.

Tonia said...

That is too funny Kay cuz that is EXACTLY what I was going to do with my boys tonight! Trevor finished school today and I just had a softball game so after I get them out of the tub I am going to let them stay up so we can go out and do that!

Good luck on those deadlines-ugh!