Thursday, June 22, 2006

Double Post Thursday!

While my mojo recovers, I've been taking some pictures. I went on some photography sites last night, and tried to teach myself about exposure, f-stops, etc. I swear it is a language I CANNOT learn! AARGH! But tonight while Jenna went over to a neighbors, I sat and played with my camera. And by golly, I think I learned something. I'm not ready to put a name to it yet, but PROGRESS. Baby steps, I suppose!

Here is a picture of the neighbor and her friend. They walked over while I was experimenting with my camera (and were probably thinking, "what is that crazy lady DOING?" But I got this sweet picture of the two of them. Friends. What could be better?


chris jenkins said...

have you seen Andie Smith's tutorials? She has been posting photo lessons for those trying to learn how to work their cameras. She is doing an awesome job of it I think. The link is in her siggie on 2Peas - her pea name is Andie Smith. The best thing you can do is practice! And the big secret to a lot of the fab photos is in the conversions. I think the photo is awesome! and I don't think you need a mojo recovery - the stuff I see in your slide show is great!

Sheila said...

Beautiful shot!

Julie Hickey said...

Great photo, Kay! I too am having a GREAT time learning to use my camera to it full potential. So much to little time! Thank goodness SUMMER is here! Yay! No more teaching. Time to learn :)