Friday, June 30, 2006


I am just not feeling well. I have a cold, AM LOSING MY VOICE AGAIN (sorry to shout, but this happens WAY too often), and I'm tired. It's a mild cold, but annoying nonetheless.

Today . . . I went for a long walk in the a.m., which is always such a good way for me to start my day. Did a layout for the July SM kit, but am too lazy to scan. Also went to the grocery store. It was surprisingly busy . . . I thought everyone would already be gone. Our town is SO EMPTY on vacation weeks/weekends. Not us, by golly! We're still here! Jen played in the sprinkler while I sat outside and read. Then I took a nap. A long, glorious nap. How boring am I? We drove to Bay City after dinner to walk by the water and see the boats. We ran into someone who shoots (target) with Bill, who had a huge boat docked in preparation for the fireworks. We went on the boat, toured it, and had a nice visit. It's so much fun to chance upon someone like that and just visit for a while. We used to be boating people (on a MUCH smaller scale) and it made me miss it a bit. When he said his gas bill was $1500 a shot, well I came to my senses.

Tomorrow is my first jewelry class, and I'm so excited! I'm making earrings and a necklace, and hopefully I'll learn some tricks of the trade. Now, I need to get Jenna her ice (she has a thing for ice) and maybe pull together some things for my next layout. I think I'm going to be BOLD and do a BPS layout instead of a kit layout. Me, procrastinate a deadline? I guess so JUST THIS ONCE. Plus I found out I'm teaching a class for my LSS and need to work up samples.

Another big excitement for me . . . WIMBLEDON. Love tennis. Absolutely ADORE watching it. Andre Agassi? My hero. LOVE HIM. Have you seen the interviews about him retiring? What a good man he is. The tennis world is losing one of the great ones. That's all I have to say.

Sorry to bore you. I'm boring myself. And did I mention? I don't feel well. Say hi if you visit!


Julie Hickey said...

HI! *waving* I had a nap today too :)

Nat said...

Hope you feel better very soon, Kay!

How exciting you take a jewlery class - can't wait to see more about it!!!

Jami said...

Oh Dang Kay, I hope you feel better today. If I would have known that you were heading for the grocery store when I drove by you yesterday, I would have advised you against it. It was horrible, so I know what you mean. Have fun at your class, you better show me when you are done.