Saturday, June 24, 2006

A new hobby!

First, let me update you on my Em. She's doing great. She's such a trooper, and hasn't complained at all. She has very little swelling, and hasn't taken any pain meds. She is my low-maintenance girl.

And the photo? These are my shoes. And I love them to death. Really, one shouldn't love shoes this much, but I do! And the pink toes? A gift of a pedicure from my DH. Hate my feet, LOVE the shoes. And the fat ankles? Well what's a girl to do? Em took the photo right after my 4-mile walk, ***ETA after taking off my walking shoes***and these dogs were BARKIN! But I love the shoes. They make me happy.

So here is my latest hobby experience. I've decided to take up beading. I want to make some SUPAH cool earrings that coordinate with my clothing. (AND my shoes, I'm not gonna lie.) So I went to a beading store today and got some basic tools, and I'm going to take a class. But for today, I'm venturing out on my own and making a simple pair of drop earrings. Wish me luck! I'll post the photo when I'm done.

***EDITED*** These little babies took me 10 minutes. I had the most trouble with making the little loop at the top. I am LOVIN' this, I tell ya!

****EDITED AGAIN*****The Shoes!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Jami said...

Like you don't have enough going on in your life you take up a new hobby. How cool is that!!! I can't wait to see them. Hey I might even want a pair.

Nat said...

Awesome earrings - love them! And those shoes are great - are those Birkenstock?

Karen Carter said...

great earrings! I can't believe that you walked 4 miles in sandals. YIKES!

Linda F. said...

Kay!!! I love the shoes! Birkies are my absolute favs and those are adorable!!!

As for out. I used to do it. it's every bit as addicting as scrapping. You may have to give up your job and sell your children!

Julie Hickey said...

Oooooo!!!! LOVE the birkies :) Gotta get me a pair! Something funky in pink or green.