Saturday, December 30, 2006

Year in Review

So I got some good news via email this a.m. I made "Honorable Mention" in the Fancy Pants DT search. And I'm THRILLED! As I said, when I saw the amazing entries in online galleries, then browsed the galleries of the winners, I was FLOORED. Amazing entries. So to be recognized among the talent feels great. Some day I'll get there!

So I thought of what I have accomplished this year in the scrapping world. I am so proud of being a KI Memories "Celebrate Life" finalist. And for those of you who know me, you know I am a KI FREAK. Always have been, always will be. What I'm the most proud of though is that I finally FOLLOWED THROUGH and entered something. (And sorry for all of the ALL CAPS references. Too much java, I guess.) I created an album that I'm proud of. Using product that I'm passionate about. And ended up being a finalist, talking to Kim and Ira Sabel on the phone. That's big. REALLY BIG for me. At least one page of my album will be in their new idea book. That's too cool.

And then recently I was contacted by none other than the amazing Amy Howe to do a few projects for the BasicGrey newsletters. Now those of you who know me know how much I worship that line as well. HEAVY USER. And that somehow Amy (or someone close to her) noticed my work? Wow. I'm BEYOND HONORED.

A few other highlights:

~Even though ProvoCraft was only a one-year term, I was asked to return for another year. I've worked on some cool projects for PC that I will be able to reveal at a later date.
~Several pubs, including some contract work.
~I continue to teach for my LSS, and have a great relationship with them.
~I continue to design for Sassafras Lass, and just got some amazing stamps from their new designs. COOL STUFF.

So I say all of this not to brag, because that's not me. I say it because I think it's important to look at where you've been, to plan where you are going. And while I'm not on some of the teams I've mentioned, I am making some strides. And I need to remember the positives. Hopefully someday I'll be a good fit for another manufacturer, as that is my main goal at this stage. This is just a pep talk for me. Thanks for listening!

On a personal note, I got 90% of the Christmas stuff put away. Wow, that's a big job. When Bill dragged out the tree, I was amazed at the mess. But I do love a real tree! Now to put the house back in order for company tomorrow night. We have the neighbors over, and my sister is joining us as well.

Did the layout of the girls yesterday. Did you notice? I MIXED LINES! Now that is one big newsflash for me. I am so anal about sticking to one line, and I actually wanted to pick up the blues in Em's coat. Also, newsworthy with this layout . . . someone said it was nice to see ME in a layout. Should I tell her it's not me? Or let her believe I'm as beautiful, young, and thin as Emily? It'll be our little secret, OK? ;)

I think Jen is doing better today, and she slept well last night. Well, after she fell asleep at 11:30 p.m., that is! She has been sleeping in, and napping, so her schedule is shot. Today I'm going to have her skip her nap and try to get her back into some semblance of a routine. Going back to school is just around the corner. (Sad. Seriously sad.)

I sat down this morning and submitted about 40 layouts. It's been so dang long since I've had the time to do that. I'm not sure it's a great strategy regarding getting pubbed. Especially since mags are looking for summer layouts, rather than the winter/holiday stuff I've been working on. But that's the way I do it. I scrap for now, not for calls. So far it's worked well, and I'm not willing to do it any other way. I'm still in this to preserve memories, not as a career. I've got one of those already!

So have a great Saturday. And thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 29, 2006

More illness . . .

in the Rogers household. Now Miss J and Miss Em are sick. Jen woke us up woth this horribly croupy cough. Scared me to death. So I hopped into bed with her and got about 3 hours of sleep. She's in good spirits, but definitely has the cold thing going on. Em has a sore throat, and a terrible headache. She went to work this morning, but since it was slow they sent her home.

I'm bummed because I was going out cropping tonight. But I can't leave Jen like this. I'd be way too distracted. Mommy guilt and all. And to be honest, my scrapping mojo is a tad on the low side right now. I'm sure some of that is due to being bummed that the Fancy Pants thing didn't work out. I love that line, and I was hoping. But once I saw who won, and their amazing work, well I get it. I would have chosen that team as well. And I'm OK with it. I believe when things are meant to be, they happen. And now is not my time with FP. Still love it, and will still snatch up and covet all things Fancy Pants.

Played with the new BasicGrey Blush line. I am teaching a class in February with these papers.

Have a great Friday!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The day after.

And all is well. I really wanted to take down all of the holiday decorations, but Em wouldn't let me. So instead I played with Jen's new toys, (including 3 of her new puzzles), and got a bit of scrapping done. It's been so long since I've scrapped that it takes a while for my mojo to kick in. I'm not sure if it has yet, but I did get a class done for my LSS, and 4 out of the five projects for Scrap Muse. That makes me feel less stressed about my deadlines. Tomorrow a.m. I hope to get the last SM project, and drop off my class to the LSS. Next is some work for ProvoCraft for CHA. I hope to crop on Friday some projects of my choosing. Need to do another class for my LSS using BasicGrey's "Blush" line. I can't wait to play with those papers! They rock!

So tomorrow I hope to post some pics of my decorations. Now that I know they are coming down, I felt the need to document our holiday traditions.

Enjoy your Tuesday. It's my first official day off from school, and I'M LOVING IT!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like . . .

SPRING! Not what you were expecting? Me neither. But there isn't a speck of snow on the ground, it's in the 40's (which is positively balmy for this time of year in Michigan), and the sun is just'a shining. WEIRD. And I'm one of those people who tells time of year by weather, so this is seriously messing with my head. Or headcold. You choose.

Last night we celebrated the holidays with our neighbors. And while I didn't feel so hot, I still had fun. We sipped hot, German spiced wine. I swear the stuff had medicinal properties. Or I got too tipsy to notice my nasty cold symptoms. No matter, it's all good!

Next it's off to Jami's for the big family dinner. Jen miraculously went down for a nap, so she should be bearable. Then tomorrow Bill's family arrives for a big dinner at our house. I've done this meal enough times that it's not stressful anymore. It's fun, and I'm looking forward to it. I love having people open the presents we bought them. It's my favorite part, despite all the hassle.

So I wanted to wish my four loyal blog viewers a very merry Christmas. I hope Santa is good to you!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Girls, my gifts

Here is a layout I posted yesterday of my girls. It was using the BasicGrey sketch from the newsletter. These were pictures from the Christmas Card photo shoot. Those pictures turned out so great, and I cherish them. I took some more of them in front of the tree as well, and love them too. Where would I be without my girls?

So this is it. The mad rush to finish all things Christmas. For not feeling well yesterday I got some things done. I got to the grocery store (in the middle of a downpour no less) and made the dishes to pass for Christmas Eve. Plus one for the meal here on the big day. Just need to hit the grocery store AGAIN, and get to the mall for stocking stuffers. Wish me luck. It will get done, I know.

I wish I had some time to scrap. Seriously. I need the "me" time, and I haven't had that lately. Just got a box from ProvoCraft with assignments, and need to make some pages for a class for my LSS. Plus the SM kit. So I imagine my first foray back into the scrapping world will be assignments. No worries. It will get done!

Have a great day, and take a deep breath. It will get done!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy (cough cough) Holidays!

~Insert sound of me sneezing here.~ Yep. I'm feeling terrific. Really great. The non-stop running nose is an excellent touch. Good thing I have the next two days to rest and recover. I have nothing planned, except some food prep, and Em will be around to help me. So I'm not going to complain. I know I'm lucky. Our family is whole and healthy (I mean "Big Picture" healthy), and complaining about trivial stuff like a cold is petty.

Here are my last three layouts for KMA. I had a great year with them, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. Speaking of opportunity, I got an email from Amanda at ScrapMuse, and she's short designers for January, so I will be "guest" designing for SM for a month. I miss the kits, and the challenge of coming up with different projects from the same kit. I learned so much designing for them, and Leslie and the gang at SM, well, I love them all!

No word on Fancy Pants yet. Like a fool I have looked at the 2P's gallery at some of the people who have entered. I would hate to have to choose based on the amazing submissions I have seen. Wish me luck, because I'll need it!

Have a great Friday. And Happy (cough cough) Holidays!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Freedom. At last.

The holiday break is finally here. It has been one long, ugly week. The kids are sick, and sick and tired of school. I saw so many stupid behaviors that just frustrate the heck out of me. But this break will do us all good.

Well, my news (part I) is that I was contacted by none other than the fabulous Amy Howe to do a layout for the BasicGrey newsletter. Well, HECKS YEAH! I was so excited! So I sent it off, and you can see it here. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of all things BasicGrey, so this was a huge honor. I am also a huge fan of Amy's. Her little girl is so adorable, and her work is AMAZING. I'm not sure where she got my name, but I'm sure glad she did! Part II to be continued.

Em is having all of her girlfriends over for her annual Christmas party. They do a gift exchange, eat snacks, and laugh for hours. 12 girls in all. Jen has been a ROYAL HANDFUL the last few days, and I'm dreading how wound up she will get with a house full of people. We have told her she can hang with the girls for 15 minutes. THAT'S IT. Then I'm taking her upstairs away from the mayhem and trying to get her to settle down.

Yesterday was just ugly, trying to settle Jenna down for bed. BAD. Em decided they needed to make a gingerbread house together. So kept sampling the candy, which I'm sure didn't help the situation. Emily's friend Emily came over, and they had so much fun making the house. Pics above.

To top off the fun, I feel like I'm getting sick. Reminds me of being a kid, when I would get a crazy-bad cold every xmas. Looks like I'm going to revisit that wonderful tradition. The good news is I'm almost done with the shopping. And everything is wrapped. I just need stocking stuffer stuff. No biggie. Plus I need to do some grocery shopping for the parties/meals. But I did a lot of that last weekend.

Well, I'm off to drink some green tea, and feel sorry for myself. My ears are starting to ache. Good times!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's getting closer . . .

to the big day! Here are a few layouts I did last night at a crop. Decided to go at the last minute, and didn't have a great plan of attack as to what to get done, so I only completed three things. But had fun nonetheless.

Did a little shopping today. All that I have left to do is a few presents to wrap, and stocking stuffers for the girls. I think this is the least stressful holiday season I have encountered thus far. HURRAY!

In the scrapping world, I have another little scrapping secret which I hope to be able to reveal soon. This is my last month with KMA, and they have just announced their new team. Looks like some incredible talent! Also ProvoCraft is looking at adding some new designers. They are super generous, and I encourage anyone to try for it! I've been asked to stay with PC for another year. If you want more info, look here.

I'm about at my wits end at school. The kids and I are all READY for the holiday break. Seriously ready. Four more days, and then glorious freedom. I can't wait!

Well, I'm off to get ready to go to dinner with some friends from my old school. Have a great weekend, and say hi if you visit my blog!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I am really getting into the Christmas mood now. Em came home last night, and today we decorated the house, and got our tree. The people at the tree farm were so nice. And it was MUCH warmer today than the last few days. The house now smells like the tree. A few years ago my mom gave me some of the ornaments I had as a child. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas growing up, and putting these ornaments on my tree brings them back. Plus to go to the tree farm we had to drive past the nursing home my dad was in a few years ago. I still have nightmares about the experience. But I took a moment to think about how very lucky we are. Our family hit a rough patch, but we're all doing well right now.

After Emily left today, I ran to the store and got some more gifts. I am 80% done with my shopping. That makes me happy. I also picked up my pictures for my Christmas cards. Had to sign a release again, which always makes me feel good. Professional photographer? It's our little secret.

So have a very happy holiday season. And remember what is important. I know I will!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's me again!

Well, I've had a lot of time on my hands with Bill gone all weekend, so here are a few more pages. I stayed up really late last night after the power coffee I drank yesterday afternoon. Here is another Sassafras Lass page, and one for my LSS. I am almost done with all of my DT requirements for the month of December. It's nice to be ahead, especially this time of year! Maybe today I can get everything done. And how cool would that be?

Have a great Sunday! Peace out.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snowy Hello

Well I made a huge dent in the laundry yesterday. Plus I did three layouts. The one I did for Sassafras Lass is shown. What a cool Christmas line! I hope to do another one with the line soon.

Only left the house yesterday to let Jen play in the snow. We got DRENCHED because the snow was coming down so hard. The first picture is a house at the end of my court, so you get an idea of the snowfall.

Jen was catching snowflakes, and it was funny because all of a sudden a blob of snow would hit her face! Good times!

Woke up this morning to no power. Man, what a drag. It was 65 degrees in the house. Turns out the outage only affected 4 houses on our court. It's amazing how many light switches I flipped on in the hopes that one would work. You just never realize how important power is! And Bill was out of town, so I was on my own. I'm so lucky to have great neighbors though. One shoveled the whole driveway, sidewalk, and entry last night. The other came over and helped me get my van out of the garage. I feel so fortunate! So I went to my mom's for coffee (AKA lifeblood), and had a great visit. Got a call that the power was back on. Then came home to do some online shopping. Thankfully I am almost done. Then Jen and I went to the mall and had lunch and did a little shopping. Didn't find anything, but ran into some of my students and we talked about the sweetness of the snow day. My kids know how much I love them. Shameless. That's me! Also ran to the coffeeshop for a white mocha. Life is good.

Took a few pics of my girl today. One inside, one outside. Isn't she just the cutest?

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Reprieve

in the form of a SNOW DAY! I am officially the snow day queen. There is nothing I love more. I explain to my students how much I love them, and I know they think I'm a freak. But I'm OK with that. Being able to sleep in (which honestly I can't do because I'm SO EXCITED!), and watching the weather out my window unfold, knowing I don't need to do a thing! Practically it allows me to catch up on the mountain of laundry that has mysteriously appeared in my laundry room, and maybe, dare I even dream it? Scrapbook. What a concept. It is supposed to be a nasty storm when it is all said and done. This after temperatures in the 60's earlier in the week. WEIRD.

I just finished my mountain of DT projects. Whew. That feels good to be done. And I was asked to stay on the ProvoCraft team for another year. I'm thrilled! We were originally told it was for one year, so I'm pumped! My term at KMA is over this month, and I'm sad about that. But I didn't choose to reapply. I can't keep up with the message board stuff at this time in my life. Too few hours in the day. Speaking of KMA, here are my three layouts for the month of November.

Have an excellent day! And if you are in this weird weather, stay safe!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Update

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Here's a quick update.

First, dinner went extremely well. After much debate on how our family was going to handle the dinner, I went to a local business where they come up with the recipe and prepare all ingredients, and you go and assemble your meal. In 45 minutes I was out the door with a full meal. Turkey (maple-brined), cornbread stuffing, garlic green beans, sweet potato bake, mashed potatos, rolls, and pumpkin cheesecake. Everything was delish, except I think I messed up on the cheesecake. Maybe forgot to add the sugar to the pumpkin mixture. OOPS! Easiest thing in the world!

I was contacted for a cool scrapping opportunity with a dream company by my all-time favorite designer. It's a small opportunity, but I'm beyond thrilled. It will be out soon, and I'll toot then.

Working on a big batch of projects for a company. I have only one more to do today. I will be SO RELIEVED when these are done. I worked all day yesterday trying to finish them. Just didn't have it in me to do one more. Haven't scanned or photographed anything, nor have I done any of the paperwork. That's another day of work. My deadline is December 1, and usually I would be done by now. I'm slipping, I tell ya!

Slow start this a.m. Did a little shopping online. I'm not a Black Friday shopper. No way. Makes me hate Christmas, the crowds, the craziness. So I relax at home, and shop online. I'm usually much farther ahead by now in terms of shopping. But it will get done. No need to stress. I should probably hit the LSS today. I'm sure I'll feel much better when I do! ;)

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I have so much to be thankful for . . .

Monday, November 20, 2006

What? Another post?

Good news, and sad news. First the good. Created this layout for a contest that I lost, but still love it to pieces. My goofy, spirited girl. She brings me such joy. And my other girl is coming home for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I feel whole when both of my girls are with me. That's all.

And read something in our paper today that had me crying over dinner. See the article here.
I taught with Kathy when I was still teaching at the middle school. And her boys were her life. She spoke of both with such great love and admiration. And two years ago her oldest was in a car accident that took his life. And seeing this picture of her sitting at his grave . . . well. I don't even have the words. Hug your kids for me. And remember what is important. That's all I have for today.

Peace out.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Sunday!

So this weekend so far has been a flurry of scrap activity. Thankfully mojo is alive and well. I put together and sent my application for the DT at Fancy Pants designs. Love this line. I have decided that manufacturer's DT's are for me. They fit my style and strengths. So wish me luck. I'll need it.

Made a quick layout this week for the Pub Calls manufacturer's album for Deja Views. See my entry here It was a quick layout, and those papers were perfect for the photos. I tried a little "non-perfect matching" using the green. Not sure if it worked or not.

Taught a class at my LSS yesterday using KI Memories. That was fun, of course. It was three Halloween pages.

Today will be a flurry of domestic activity. Laundry, grocery shopping. Cleaning the house. The good stuff. Also packing and sending my KMA and ProvoCraft projects for the month. I also got some cool goodies from Sassafras Lass, and hope to get some time to play with them today. Also need to start Christmas shopping. Seriously.

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hey Peeps!

It's me again. Trying to catch up. Here is what is new with my small, boring life. Not that I would trade it for the world! Here is a photo of my girls. Haven't decided if it's the Christmas card photo or not. Just know I love them both beyond measure.

~Went to the Dr. on Wednesday. Just could not handle being sick for one more day. Found out I have a sinus infection. GOOD TIMES. But the Z-Pack is doing wonders.

~Parent-teacher conferences on Thursday. Long, but productive. Talked so much. lost my voice. Plus I was wiped out on Friday.

~Em and her friend Hilary came home for the night on Friday. It does my heart good knowing Emily is meeting such cool people. Nice to meet you, Hil! (And hoping that I'm remembering correctly that there is only one "l"). They went back to school for the football game. In the snow. Ah, to be young again! And Em, love you.

~Decided that I am "power cooking" Thanksgiving dinner this year. There is a place in town where you go and assemble the dinner. Turkey, stuffing, side dishes, pie . . . the whole nine yards. In three hours. No endless "to-do lists. No grocery shopping. No staying up all night with the dang bird. Just go in, make the meal, and leave. I'll let you know how it goes.

~Went scrap-shopping today. Got both new lines from BasicGrey, and the Christmas line from KI. Plus some Chatterbox. Spent way too much money, and did no scrapping. Waiting for my mojo to appear. Wish me luck.

~Had an "AHA" scrapping moment this week. You see, I was foolishly going to enter the CK HOF contest this year. I guess I wanted to do it because I need a challenge. Something to push me to the next level. Even joined a support group. I looked through the CK HOF Idea book from last year. Amazing work. Loved each and every layout. But that's not me. I am a "line" scrapper. In other words, my specialty is in using a line, and utilizing all aspects of that line. It's faster for me. I don't mix and match AT ALL. And that's what the HOF'ers do. My place is with a manufacturer. That's my "thang." No apologies, no self-deprecating talk. Just my reality. Good to discover.

~Musical moment-saw a show on CMT (and no, don't normally watch that) on Sugarland. I have liked a few of their songs, but I'm a little "iffy" on country. Sometimes I love it. Other times, not so much. But seeing them made a HUGE difference. So I downloaded the album for my IPod. Love it. The CD is called "Enjoy the Ride," and is amazing. Nice to have some new tunes.

So have a great weekend. Maybe I'll get some scrapping done tomorrow. (She says, hoping mojo pays a visit in the night!) Say Hi if you visit. You too, Em.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!!!

So I'm sick. That's a good time. My throat was on fire at school yesterday, and by the time I got home I was running a fever. So off to bed I went. Stayed home from school today, and basically slept all day. I'm feeling better now. Fever is gone. Yikes.

So Bill is home from hunting. He was gone for two weeks, and he, his dad, and his uncle all got elk. He arrived home Saturday night, toting 330 lbs of elk meat. (They brought home over 900 lbs of meat total.) Good times. I have to admit though, it is much better than venison. MUCH better. I get skeeved about meat. Hate to admit it. But this is quite good.

So tonight was the big event. Took Jenna out trick-or-treating. She was quite grouchy tonight, I think she may be getting sick too. We carved pumpkins after school, ate dinner, and daddy took her out treating. She made it to two courts in our neighborhood, then wanted to come back to hand out candy. It ended up getting pretty dang cold, even though it was a beautiful day. We didn't have as many people this year. Lots of left over candy. Nothing wrong with that!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Here I am again. The weekend blogger! First, the layouts are for KMA for October. It's been a REALLY busy week, with trick-or-treating downtown, going on a field-trip with Jenna, teaching a class at my LSS, and Emily's early birthday party. This in addition to working all week, single-momming it. Wow. I'm beat.

I've been spending far less time on the computer as of late. Not for any particular reason, other than the "T" word, TIME. When I have any free time, I'm using it to work on a layout. So far, so good. I'm behind in uploading, and seriously behind in blogging, but getting some scrapping done, which is progress. Something's got to give, and for now, it's computer time. I did get another page picked up for pub this week . . . a favorite page of Emily.

Hopefully I'll share more pages soon. For now, I'm off to have another great day with my family.

Peace out, rabbit!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blogger Flunkie

That's me. I just can't keep up right now to save my soul. Here are some random pics and details from the last two weeks, out of order I'm sure.

Jen is getting excited about Halloween, but is scared of a lot of the noises that accompany the holiday. Just found out her adorable, sweet wich costume can't be worn to her preschool classes . . . no witches whatsoever. Should I be passive-agressive and just let her do it? The jury is out.

We have been hitting the pumpkin farms in the area. Last weekend was SO WARM, so I think we spent every waking hour outside or doing something. Last weekend we went to a pumpkin farm in Standish, where I used to teach. It was fun with a hayride, a petting farm, and Jen got to ride a pony.

Then we went to the Wetlands to look around, and saw butterflies, egrets, swans . . . it was a PERFECT fall day. Allergy-a-go-go to be sure, but fun all the same.

Yesterday was quite cold. It even snowed on Thursday. (Hear that faint sound? It's my soul, weeping. I hate the cold). But we ran errands, and went to the Homestead to see the animals. Then we went and visited Uncle Fred and Aunt Maxine. We had a great Saturday together as a family.

Other random things:

Jen has gone to sleep WITHOUT FUSSING for the last two nights. That after a constant battle for the last two weeks. Progress. FINALLY.

Em came home on Thursday for money. She found a house for next year at college, and she's really excited about it.

We had Jami's birthday last weekend. I got her the new MM trimmer. And now I want one for myself!

I taught a photography class last week on Thursday, and it went really well. I was nervous because I am not exactly an expert, but I know enough to be dangerous. And I think my students learned something.

I finished my KI Halloween class samples for a class I'm teaching in November.

I got a page picked up by Scrapbook Trends for February and sent it out yesterday. It's one of Emily.

I finished my DT assignments for KMA and sent them out yesterday as well.

Just finished my Oct. projects for ProvoCraft. A little late, but the deadlines were extended after our MT projects.

I made a new slideshow of fall pictures on the Flikr badge to the left. Check them out! I'm going to add more today.

I guess I've been a little busy, now that I think of it! LOL!

Say hi if you visit. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just playing

with Miss J tonight outside. It's a wonderfully warm fall evening, and I feel I need to be outside as much as possible. Jen and I have been going it alone the last few days while Bill was out of town, and we've had our moments. And not good ones. Thank goodness he's coming home tonight. Dance class tonight, and I had to drag her kicking and screaming. Not pretty. And I was very impatient with her failure to go to sleep last night. Sleep is not her specialty ... she hasn't slept all night EVER. Not once in her 4 years. Therefore, neither have I. Good times. But the girl is the light of my life.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Dare

Since I'm in a total scrapping rut right now, I thought I'd play along with the amazingly talented "Dare" girls. (See link at left.) There was a layout in the latest CK by the uber talented Ali, and she challenged everyone to create a layout about why they are lucky. And since I've been in such a foul mood, it was a wonderful thing for me to do. I can't even tell you how insecure I feel doing a layout about myself, especially when I have to see a picture of myself. I'm much prettier in my head! LOL! So why the insecurity? AT 40 years old, I am so NOT insecure. I dropped that crap in my 20's. So why now? No idea. I'll take it up with my therapist. ;)

Busy Saturday. Went to mom;s for coffee, then to Chuck E Cheeses for a bday party for two hours. I only felt the need for valium the last half hour when Jen started melting down. Off to the mall to return some pants and look for tights for Jen's Halloween costume that I just found out she can't wear to school. (No witches.) Then off to take pictures of Hayley for homecoming. (She looked beautiful). Then off to dinner with Bill and Jen. Em left back for school last night too. Today is a beautiful, sunny day, which is a nice change from the monsoons and cold temps of yesterday. Have a great Sunday!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Danger, whining ahead.

Here is my girl, peeking through the leaves. Fall is definitely here. I love the colors, and the crisp, fresh air. It has been rather cool and rainy this fall, so I feel a bit ripped off.

In the scrapping world, just finished and sent some projects for Memory Trends. It feels good to have them done. I'm just not at the top of my creative game right now. In fact, I'm not on top of many aspects of my life right now. More later on that. I feel I need a new challenge. I'm slightly bored with my stuff, and need a change. Maybe some of the challenge blogs are the way to go. Who knows? I need to do some Halloween pages for my LSS for an upcoming class. Got one done tonight. It's OK. Mojo, where are you?

So here is my latest "Kay, you're a total moron" story. Em came home for the weekend. She wanted to go to the Homecoming parade and game. So when she's home, she parks behind me in the driveway, and I pull out around her. So last night I thought to myself that I needed to remember she was parked behind me. Again, this a.m. I mentally reminded myself again before heading out the door. So what did I do when I left for work? Backed right into her car. What an ass. I tell you, I'm not sure where my brain is any more. Seriously. No major damage to either vehicle, but my ego took another serious blow. I mean how many dumb things can one person do before seriously contemplating whether one is completely retarded? And my neck hurts. That's how hard I hit it. MORON.

So tonight is the big homecoming game. And again I feel a ton of guilt about not attending. Em pointed out my lack of school spirit yet again. Why do I not want to go? Because I work there. Because from 7:15 a.m. until 3:30 I'm "Mrs. Rogers." And my being that person means I can't be Em and Jenna's mom for that time. Or Kay, the person who scrapbooks. Or Bill's wife. So when I walk out those doors it is really important to me that I reclaim the other aspects of my life. Because I give A LOT of myself to my job. I'm a good teacher. I work really hard at it. But there is a cost to the rest of me. And I am trying to minimize the cost to some degree. So sorry Em. I know I let you down.

One new challenge for me, a former student who is on the Equestrian Team asked if I would be willing to take team and individual pictures of the team. How cool is this? A new challenge. Just what I wanted!

Have a great Friday. I'm going to bed.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

To post, or not to post.

First, it has been one crazy, busy week. Again. I can't believe that I haven't blogged for almost a week! Yikes. School is good, but busy. Scrapping deadlines for Memory Trends all week, and went cropping on Friday night. Then taught a class at my LSS yesterday, and went out to dinner with Bill's aunt, uncle, and his cousin's daughter last night. BUSY. Fun though!

So here is my dilemma. The "to post or not to post" debate. You see, I used to put every layout I did up on three online galleries as soon as I finished them. Immediate feedback. And I would also submit them to mags, etc. But now the requirements that layouts not be seen online have been kicked up a notch. And here is the thing. I have probably 20 layouts I haven't posted online yet. And it's bugging me. Because I've had luck in the past with getting pubbed doing it my tried and true way. Is this really going to help me get pubbed?

Let's take CK for instance. I have never gotten any love from CK. Even when I post a layout on their online gallery, I don't even get a "great adhesive" comment. I get nothing. So I am inclined to believe that I am not their style. Well, alrighty then. Bummer, because I love the magazine. But why hold back layouts when I haven't been pubbed with them before? Is it going to make any difference? I think not.

So why does it bug me to hold back these layouts? I don't know. It just does. Maybe because I'm not scrapping to get pubbed any more. Maybe that just doesn't matter as much to me now. And I'm following the words of wisdom of those that think this is the only way to do it, and I'm not sure I believe that to be true. I haven't listened to the "this is the only way to be successful in the biz" talk before, and I've found a level of success I am really happy with. So why am I doing that now?

Also, with all of the deadline (DT) scrapping I do, I can rarely publically post my work anyway. So how am I going to keep my name "out there" when I'm not putting any of my work out there? I feel like I'm fading into oblivion here, and I'm not sure that is good.

What do you think?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Manic Monday

Back to the grind today! Good times, I tell ya! But yesterday we had fun going to a local art fair, which is within walking distance from my house. It was a beautiful day, and my mom came with us. I loved looking at all of the jewelry and coming up with ideas! There sure were a lot of beads this year! I also loved looking around at the photography. There were some cool photos printed on canvas, and I talked to an artist for a long time about how he does it. COOL STUFF. It will be my next obsession, I can feel it.

Speaking of obsessions, the layout showcases a few, mine and Jen's. I played with the new KI Halloween for my LSS, and anyone who knows me knows I am KI obsessed, and Jen is obsessed with her new costume. If I need to pick up that witches hat one more time I may just scream! She puts it on at least three times a day. But she looks so dang cute in it, no?

Regarding KI, today is the big day. Good luck to everyone! No nerves here, as I already got farther than I could have ever imagined, so I'm happy! Have a great Monday!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

An eventful day!

Yesterday was so much fun. It was just the family fun time I needed after being in a foul mood all week at work. First, I went to my mom's for coffee, and visited with my sister who is in town until Tuesday. Everyone but Jayne made it, and we had fun visiting.

Then off to Bill's school district for a "Community" Day. The district rented a bunch of inflatables for the kids to play on, and since Bill was part of the committee that organized the event, we went early. The people setting up the inflatables let Jenna and the few other kids who were there early play on everything. So Jenna, with her usual lack of abandon, wore herself out before the event ever started! We stayed for about 4 hours, and Jen had a blast. There was this huge inflatable sponsored by the Marines, And I kept telling Jen is was for older kids. It was an obstacle course, with a climbing wall, and a huge slide at the end. But of course my tough little one had to try it. And she did it! Three times! (Maybe it was the pink and purple camo pants she was wearing?) Although the third time she had a little assistance from one of the marines. The first picture is Jen on a different inflatable where she was on a bungee cord and had to see how far she could run, and the second shows her delight down the slide (and check out those dirty feet!). What a crazy girl I have! LOL! We threw her in the tub the minute we got home, and she took a two-hour nap. Thank goodness.

Then off we went to the Balloon Fest. This is a community event put on every year, weather permitting. And for a small town, quite a few balloons and spectators show up each year. The event is for two days, and includes morning and evening activities. Last night, it started about 6, and we met my brother and his family, and my sister and her DH and his niece and nephew came too. It was fun to have such a big group! It started with the balloons taking off and flying through town. These balloons dot the skies for a week before the event. The as you wait for the "After Glow" there are skydivers who drop and land while you wait. Then the balloons come in and tether to the ground, and light. It's just so beautiful. Meanwhile there is a band playing, and yummy fair food. (Yes, there were elephant ears. None for me though!) It was such a cool day. Wish my Emily could have been there too!

Today, more fun. I'll post details and pics later!