Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!!!

So I'm sick. That's a good time. My throat was on fire at school yesterday, and by the time I got home I was running a fever. So off to bed I went. Stayed home from school today, and basically slept all day. I'm feeling better now. Fever is gone. Yikes.

So Bill is home from hunting. He was gone for two weeks, and he, his dad, and his uncle all got elk. He arrived home Saturday night, toting 330 lbs of elk meat. (They brought home over 900 lbs of meat total.) Good times. I have to admit though, it is much better than venison. MUCH better. I get skeeved about meat. Hate to admit it. But this is quite good.

So tonight was the big event. Took Jenna out trick-or-treating. She was quite grouchy tonight, I think she may be getting sick too. We carved pumpkins after school, ate dinner, and daddy took her out treating. She made it to two courts in our neighborhood, then wanted to come back to hand out candy. It ended up getting pretty dang cold, even though it was a beautiful day. We didn't have as many people this year. Lots of left over candy. Nothing wrong with that!

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RACHEL =) said...

Sorry to hear that you're sick =( Hope you are feeling better soon! IT's definitely going around!!

Love all the pictures - congrats to your hubby on getting an elk, that's a big one!!

And Jenna is SO adorable - love her costume!!! =)