Sunday, October 22, 2006


Here I am again. The weekend blogger! First, the layouts are for KMA for October. It's been a REALLY busy week, with trick-or-treating downtown, going on a field-trip with Jenna, teaching a class at my LSS, and Emily's early birthday party. This in addition to working all week, single-momming it. Wow. I'm beat.

I've been spending far less time on the computer as of late. Not for any particular reason, other than the "T" word, TIME. When I have any free time, I'm using it to work on a layout. So far, so good. I'm behind in uploading, and seriously behind in blogging, but getting some scrapping done, which is progress. Something's got to give, and for now, it's computer time. I did get another page picked up for pub this week . . . a favorite page of Emily.

Hopefully I'll share more pages soon. For now, I'm off to have another great day with my family.

Peace out, rabbit!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts ! Enjoy your day with your family !!!! Norma