Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Dare

Since I'm in a total scrapping rut right now, I thought I'd play along with the amazingly talented "Dare" girls. (See link at left.) There was a layout in the latest CK by the uber talented Ali, and she challenged everyone to create a layout about why they are lucky. And since I've been in such a foul mood, it was a wonderful thing for me to do. I can't even tell you how insecure I feel doing a layout about myself, especially when I have to see a picture of myself. I'm much prettier in my head! LOL! So why the insecurity? AT 40 years old, I am so NOT insecure. I dropped that crap in my 20's. So why now? No idea. I'll take it up with my therapist. ;)

Busy Saturday. Went to mom;s for coffee, then to Chuck E Cheeses for a bday party for two hours. I only felt the need for valium the last half hour when Jen started melting down. Off to the mall to return some pants and look for tights for Jen's Halloween costume that I just found out she can't wear to school. (No witches.) Then off to take pictures of Hayley for homecoming. (She looked beautiful). Then off to dinner with Bill and Jen. Em left back for school last night too. Today is a beautiful, sunny day, which is a nice change from the monsoons and cold temps of yesterday. Have a great Sunday!


Chiara said...

that is truly a gorgeous layout.

Jami said...

WOW Kay that is one gorgeous LO and that photo of you is amazing.

laura said...

great job with the dare!

jill s said...

this page is gorgeous!!!!

and YOU?


I*know*you*blog*but*what*am*I? said...

Kay, your layout is as awesome as your pic!!! GReat job!!

If this is what you do with little mojo, no wonder ALL of your work is AMAZING!!!

I say that with 100% honesty. You rock,girl!


Tonia said...

BEAUTIFUL Kay! You, AND the page! :)