Friday, September 29, 2006

Danger, whining ahead.

Here is my girl, peeking through the leaves. Fall is definitely here. I love the colors, and the crisp, fresh air. It has been rather cool and rainy this fall, so I feel a bit ripped off.

In the scrapping world, just finished and sent some projects for Memory Trends. It feels good to have them done. I'm just not at the top of my creative game right now. In fact, I'm not on top of many aspects of my life right now. More later on that. I feel I need a new challenge. I'm slightly bored with my stuff, and need a change. Maybe some of the challenge blogs are the way to go. Who knows? I need to do some Halloween pages for my LSS for an upcoming class. Got one done tonight. It's OK. Mojo, where are you?

So here is my latest "Kay, you're a total moron" story. Em came home for the weekend. She wanted to go to the Homecoming parade and game. So when she's home, she parks behind me in the driveway, and I pull out around her. So last night I thought to myself that I needed to remember she was parked behind me. Again, this a.m. I mentally reminded myself again before heading out the door. So what did I do when I left for work? Backed right into her car. What an ass. I tell you, I'm not sure where my brain is any more. Seriously. No major damage to either vehicle, but my ego took another serious blow. I mean how many dumb things can one person do before seriously contemplating whether one is completely retarded? And my neck hurts. That's how hard I hit it. MORON.

So tonight is the big homecoming game. And again I feel a ton of guilt about not attending. Em pointed out my lack of school spirit yet again. Why do I not want to go? Because I work there. Because from 7:15 a.m. until 3:30 I'm "Mrs. Rogers." And my being that person means I can't be Em and Jenna's mom for that time. Or Kay, the person who scrapbooks. Or Bill's wife. So when I walk out those doors it is really important to me that I reclaim the other aspects of my life. Because I give A LOT of myself to my job. I'm a good teacher. I work really hard at it. But there is a cost to the rest of me. And I am trying to minimize the cost to some degree. So sorry Em. I know I let you down.

One new challenge for me, a former student who is on the Equestrian Team asked if I would be willing to take team and individual pictures of the team. How cool is this? A new challenge. Just what I wanted!

Have a great Friday. I'm going to bed.


Jami said...

Well let me just say from one moron to another you are only human. Remember when I went through the garage door. It happens. Now it sounds like you just need a change of some sort for a little while. But I have also seen your work and to you it may be so so but to me it is a masterpiece. Hang in there, this is just a passing phase.

Jami said...

OK you are not going to believe this. I just hit the garage door again, what the he!!. It was the stupidist thing. I had the back door of the car open to vaccum it and I must of shut the release in the door, so when I went to back out it let loose and was coming down when I backed out. So can I join you in the moron club?

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. My daughter attends the elementary school where I teach 5th grade- and how bad is this- I haven't attended one PTA meeting in 2 years! I feel the same way- despise going back there on "my time". Don't feel guilty, we give to others all day, and it is a stressful, demanding job. We need to reclaim time for ourselves, or we will be too overwhelmed to deal with others!