Saturday, September 16, 2006

Look mom!

A layout! I'm a little embarrassed . . . first because I ran to my LSS after school yesterday and "power shopped," as I only had a half hour, and ended up buying EVERY SINGLE THING from the new KI lines. I mean everything. Plus some cardstock, (KI Bazzill, OF COURSE), to the tune of $130. And yes, I get a discount. What a freak! But I have been so bummed because I haven't done any scrapping all week, and I needed me some "KI Therapy!" LOL.

So seriously, could I have fit one more thing on this layout? There's my second source of embarrassment. Scrapbook OVERKILL. I'll simplify next time, I promise. But if I'm to jumpstart the ol' MOJO, this is the way it works for me.

And it looks like I won't be doing much more scrapping this weekend . . .there are some really cool things going on in town this weekend. Pictures will follow, of course!

So signing out for now . . .need to get ready for our fun day! Have a great Saturday!


barbr said...

Love the page! I'm a sucker for the new KI line too!

Sophia C. said...

I'm loving the layout and the photos are too sweet. Busy pages are frustrating when you have to look for the photos, but you've done a beautiful job because the photos were what I saw first! Excellent! BTW, you are my kind of shopper! Have a fun weekend.


Jami said...

OK it may have alot of cool stuff on it but it WORKs and it works beautifully. By Joe I think you've got it. GORGEOUS!!! About the shopping, we have to talk. HAHA.