Sunday, September 03, 2006

Under the wire.

I am usually not someone who misses deadlines, or is late with them. And this month, I cut the deadline pretty dang close. I think maybe I was stressed out over the whole KI thing. Who knows? So today, I wanted to get my PC things done. I not only had my normal monthly assignments, but a special project I needed to finish up. AACK.

Plus, I needed to go to my mom's this a.m. so Em could visit with her grandparents. Plus we went shopping with my mom and got Jen some fall clothes, since fall is ANNOYINGLY EARLY this year. Plus we went out to lunch. Then over to my LSS to drop off page samples. Plus I needed a high-powered coffee. Then my walk, then to finish my projects, scan and send them. Plus a TON of paperwork. I still have tests to grade this weekend. Plus a laryngoscopy on Tuesday, plus dance lesspns. Then Open House on Wednesday. Add to that sending off my PC projects, as well as my MM page, and you have ONE STRESSED OUT GAL. I probably should do the bills at some point as well.

I guess, in short, I am having a hard time striking a balance in my life right now. Stressing me out something fierce. But life goes on, no?

Pages are samples for my LSS using MME. I know Em looks stoned in them, but really she wasn't! LOL!

Have a great Sunday. For 27 more minutes, in my neck of the woods!

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Tonia said...

Tee Hee-Great minds think alike-go to my blog and see what I scrapped this weekend! Too funny! great pages Kay! And I know, there is never enough time in a day!