Monday, September 18, 2006

Manic Monday

Back to the grind today! Good times, I tell ya! But yesterday we had fun going to a local art fair, which is within walking distance from my house. It was a beautiful day, and my mom came with us. I loved looking at all of the jewelry and coming up with ideas! There sure were a lot of beads this year! I also loved looking around at the photography. There were some cool photos printed on canvas, and I talked to an artist for a long time about how he does it. COOL STUFF. It will be my next obsession, I can feel it.

Speaking of obsessions, the layout showcases a few, mine and Jen's. I played with the new KI Halloween for my LSS, and anyone who knows me knows I am KI obsessed, and Jen is obsessed with her new costume. If I need to pick up that witches hat one more time I may just scream! She puts it on at least three times a day. But she looks so dang cute in it, no?

Regarding KI, today is the big day. Good luck to everyone! No nerves here, as I already got farther than I could have ever imagined, so I'm happy! Have a great Monday!


nat said...

What a cute lO!

Adrienne said...

THat is the cutest witch I have ever seen !Love your banner!

Mel said...

How cute! It's a shame we don't really celebrate Halloween here in Oz, it's still my favourite holiday and I love all the dressing up!
Jen looks adorable and best of luck with the KI announcements - how could they NOT choose you?

Anonymous said...

I love that layout and KI! I just came across your blog- I have been a fan of yours for awhile- and your Jenna looks so much like my Emma! I teach fifth grade- I think that is what I read you teach!

Tonia said...

LOVE this page Kay!!! SHe looks so darn cute!