Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hey Peeps!

It's me again. Trying to catch up. Here is what is new with my small, boring life. Not that I would trade it for the world! Here is a photo of my girls. Haven't decided if it's the Christmas card photo or not. Just know I love them both beyond measure.

~Went to the Dr. on Wednesday. Just could not handle being sick for one more day. Found out I have a sinus infection. GOOD TIMES. But the Z-Pack is doing wonders.

~Parent-teacher conferences on Thursday. Long, but productive. Talked so much. lost my voice. Plus I was wiped out on Friday.

~Em and her friend Hilary came home for the night on Friday. It does my heart good knowing Emily is meeting such cool people. Nice to meet you, Hil! (And hoping that I'm remembering correctly that there is only one "l"). They went back to school for the football game. In the snow. Ah, to be young again! And Em, love you.

~Decided that I am "power cooking" Thanksgiving dinner this year. There is a place in town where you go and assemble the dinner. Turkey, stuffing, side dishes, pie . . . the whole nine yards. In three hours. No endless "to-do lists. No grocery shopping. No staying up all night with the dang bird. Just go in, make the meal, and leave. I'll let you know how it goes.

~Went scrap-shopping today. Got both new lines from BasicGrey, and the Christmas line from KI. Plus some Chatterbox. Spent way too much money, and did no scrapping. Waiting for my mojo to appear. Wish me luck.

~Had an "AHA" scrapping moment this week. You see, I was foolishly going to enter the CK HOF contest this year. I guess I wanted to do it because I need a challenge. Something to push me to the next level. Even joined a support group. I looked through the CK HOF Idea book from last year. Amazing work. Loved each and every layout. But that's not me. I am a "line" scrapper. In other words, my specialty is in using a line, and utilizing all aspects of that line. It's faster for me. I don't mix and match AT ALL. And that's what the HOF'ers do. My place is with a manufacturer. That's my "thang." No apologies, no self-deprecating talk. Just my reality. Good to discover.

~Musical moment-saw a show on CMT (and no, don't normally watch that) on Sugarland. I have liked a few of their songs, but I'm a little "iffy" on country. Sometimes I love it. Other times, not so much. But seeing them made a HUGE difference. So I downloaded the album for my IPod. Love it. The CD is called "Enjoy the Ride," and is amazing. Nice to have some new tunes.

So have a great weekend. Maybe I'll get some scrapping done tomorrow. (She says, hoping mojo pays a visit in the night!) Say Hi if you visit. You too, Em.


Shaunte Wadley said...

Power Thanksgiving?? Dude. That is awesome! You take good notes, cause that sounds a lot more "traditional" than my "let's just go to Chuck-A-Rama" idea.

Your Em is looking more and more like you....beautiful, both of you.

For the record, I like the color photo best. The red says happy to me.

Mel Z said...

Love the Power THanksgiving idea- if only I cooked LOL!

I too am a line scrapbooker. Course I'm not up to your level; but then again I love your work. And for what it's worthy you're HOF worthy in my book.

Hope your're feeling rosy soon ;-)

Mindy said...

Love the picture:) It would definitely make a good Christmas card. Also.. your thoughts on HOF have definitely given me something to think about! Thanks.

Cammeron said...

That would make a fantastic christmas card photo.

Jenn said...

LOVE the Thanksgiving idea:):)

Hope you start feeling better soon:)

The picture is beautiful!

Tonia said...

So good to hear from you! What a BEAUTIFUL photo! I, too, vote for the color, though they are both FABULOUS! LOVE your Thanksgiving dinner idea, especially since I am hosting this year! Can I join you in that venture? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom.. It's Em and Hil. good work on remembering her name was spelled with 1 L and on posting a new blog for us to read!

Hil had a blast visiting with you and she says she'll keep you posted on the boy situation lol. She'll be back again soon! & tell Jenna we said hi!

Love you!
Em & Hil