Saturday, December 09, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I am really getting into the Christmas mood now. Em came home last night, and today we decorated the house, and got our tree. The people at the tree farm were so nice. And it was MUCH warmer today than the last few days. The house now smells like the tree. A few years ago my mom gave me some of the ornaments I had as a child. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas growing up, and putting these ornaments on my tree brings them back. Plus to go to the tree farm we had to drive past the nursing home my dad was in a few years ago. I still have nightmares about the experience. But I took a moment to think about how very lucky we are. Our family hit a rough patch, but we're all doing well right now.

After Emily left today, I ran to the store and got some more gifts. I am 80% done with my shopping. That makes me happy. I also picked up my pictures for my Christmas cards. Had to sign a release again, which always makes me feel good. Professional photographer? It's our little secret.

So have a very happy holiday season. And remember what is important. I know I will!

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