Sunday, June 25, 2006

Shoe Enabling

Check out these in the Paisley Rose, or these in the Galaxy Wine, or these or these in the Indian Cashmere Purple! Also, put a link to mine in my post below.

I think I must have another pair. MUST.


Gwyn said...

I have the first pair in the Aboriginal pattern, plus two more pair. If you link to my musings blog, the newest entry shows them on my feet.

They are THE best, aren't they?

Jami said...

Kay oh Kay oh Kay, I didn't think I needed a new pair of shoes but after see this, I really think I do. Oh man, I need another job. You enabler!!!

Elaine said...

Kay the third pair are awesome! In fact I LOVE THEM. You may need all four pair but if you are looking for just one - these are the ones to choose.

Tonia said...

These shoes are so cute and probably MEGA comfortable too!