Sunday, June 11, 2006

Finally Drug Free

So I stopped taking all meds yesterday, both for the weirdo rash on my arms, and for my back. And I did OK! Even got in a few short walks, one to a grad party, and one with Jen to the park. My back miraculously did well. Life is good! So far, no itching either. Life is good!

So tomorrow begins my first official "day off." And already I have that weird feeling, like "what am I going to do with all of this time?" Therein lies the question. And it happens every summer. I go through this weird "reentry" feeling. Like I lost a part of my identity. Which I did. A huge part of who I am is a teacher. So who am I when I'm not a teacher? That's what I need to figure out. And it will take a while to become that other person and let the teacher part of my identity take a rest. Wish me luck!

So about the picture. We go to a local nature center quite often. It's an amazing place, with a lot of terrific things to do and explore. One small part of the center is the Homestead, which has a few really old buildings and a few animals. There is a rooster, and a hen. And whenever we go, Bill (AKA Dr. Doolittle) totally messes with this rooster. He makes all sorts of clucking sounds, even does a little chicken dance. He also flirts with the hen. It's quite a sight, I tell ya. And every time he drives this rooster WILD. He belts out "cockadoodledoo!" Continuously. It is so hilarious. I have a hard time taking pictures because I'm laughing so hard and the poor fella is obviously so upset/jealous.

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Nat said...

This is such a funny story about the Mr. Dollittle. You should scrap it ;-) as you make the most beautiful LOs!!!