Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm back!

Another weekend getaway. This time to a lake near home, staying at my cousin's log cabin. It was COLD, but fun! Woke up to rain this morning so headed out a little early. Uncle Fred and Aunt Max came and spent the day yesterday, as well as Scott, Jami, and Maggi. We cooked out lunch and dinner, and had s'mores and hobo pies last night. It started to sprinkle just as we all decided we couldn't possible eat one more thing. Went on a pontoon ride, saw a mink, some turtles, and a lot of ducks. The guys caught a few fish right off the docks. I could get used to cabin living, I tell ya! Here are some pics of our weekend.

On Friday before we left for the weekend we went back to Emily's to see the final room and to go shopping. There was no time on the day we moved her in, and this time she got to take Hayley on a tour of state. We went scrap shopping, school clothes shopping, and had a fun lunch at Johnny Rockets. We were gone all day, then jumped back in the car and headed for the lake. Wish Em could have come with us! There is nothing she loves more than sitting around a campfire!

Came home to some good scrappy news. First, I moved on to the next round of So You Think You Can Scrap. Didn't expect to after scrapping for my life again. Go vote if you get a chance!

Also got some cool congratulatory emails from people who noticed my layout in the BasicGrey August Newsletter. I was so excited when Kelly Goree, one of my all-time favorite scrappers, emailed me and asked me to participate. Well, HECKS YEAH was my answer! LOL! Thanks to those who noticed!

Got approached to do another fun little project. I'll share more when I can.

OK, off to switch the laundry. It's raining cats and dogs, so maybe I'll even scrap a little something this afternoon. What else is a girl to do?

ONE MORE FULL WEEK OF SUMMER. But who's counting?


melissa said...

sounds like so much fun! wonderful pictures

and super congrats on the 'so you think you can scrap' and the basic grey newsletter!-I ADORE your layouts :)

Elaine said...

Ms. Kay,

Lovely photographs, it looks as if another great weekend with the family. As much as I hate to hear that we only have one week left....think about this. You get to start everyday of the next 9 months with ME!! I know you are excited now.

Please let Emily know that I am officially jelous of her college life. I never had matching things while I was in school, heck I am still working on that now. She is a lucky girl.

Love to get me Rogers fix. Thanks.