Saturday, July 29, 2006

Busy, busy, busy.

Wow. I'm ready to go back to work so I can rest! LOL!

Let's see. Thursday was a frenzy of housework and errands. You know, the 50 loads of laundry, paying the bills, changing the sheets, etc. GOOD TIMES. Plus I decided to tackle Jenna's toys. I needed to purge and reorganize after her birthday and the 10 bags Jami brought over from her girls. So off to Target for some storage bins. Jen has toys out on our sunporch, in the family room, and in her room. The house was a MESS for a while. But now it's done, and I feel better about it!

Yesterday Jami and I met Vicki at the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Grand Rapids. We left at 8:00, and it's about two and a quarter hours away. Um, not what I expected. Small. 'Nuff said. But we met up with Vicki, and got to see my boyfriend Landon (who is 7 months now!), and meet Vicki's beautiful family. We visited and had a great lunch. Then we took off to Pages in Time, a store in GR, which is really nice. Didn't buy much . . . waiting for the new releases from my LSS. As soon as we got home (6:30), Bill proposed we go to a neighboring town for ice cream. Off we went. No rest for the wicked. I was so tired last night it wasn't even funny. I'm getting old, I tell ya!

This a.m it was off to my mom's to visit with Beth to see how her reunion went last night. We stayed until about 11:30. Then ran to my LSS for some cardstock and to drop off page samples while I had a moment. Then came home and got ready for a wedding/reception. Just got home. The reception was beautiful. The bride and groom looked amazing. The groom's family has been neighbors for a number of years, oddly enough in both houses we have lived in. When we moved into our first house, they loved right across the street. Then they moved into a bigger house. Four years later, we moved, RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from them again. They probably think we're weird stalkers. Seriously, the groom is having some major health issues, and it was such a show of courage how he held up for this event. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Tomorrow I hope to get some pictures of the neighbors. I'm trying a family photo shoot. Wish me luck. No, I'm not going into the photography biz. Just want to take some pictures for Alison's birthday present. They're good friends to us. Then off to my mom's for another reunion update from Beth. Tonight is the formal dinner. The she and her DH go back out on the road on Tuesday.

Three more weeks of summer for me . . . time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin . . .

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Jami said...

OK I must first plead my case, it wasn't 10 bags, it was the whole back end of my Expedition. TeeHee!!! Pay backs are he!!. I am right with you on getting back to work. I or I should say the kids have pushed my buttons one too many times, we need a routine again. Rest up because I have the feeling the next 3 weeks are going to be fast. Enjoy your toys Jenna. HAHA!!!