Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Here she is!!!

Pictures taken today. Is she not the most beautiful woman on the planet? That's all I'm saying. I know she's going to knock 'em dead (no pun intended) at her 35th reunion. I love this woman. More than you can imagine.

If you've been following the saga, mom and I bought her a new wardrobe for her reunion. And I made her the jewelry for the casual night of the reunion. The REALLY weird thing about taking her picture today is that the picture where she is looking away is almost AN EXACT REPLICA of her high school yearbook photo. Now how weird is THAT?

Hug your sisters for me today. Tell them that you love them. For me.


Tonia said...

Hi Kay! YUP-she IS beautiful and shse looks a lot like YOU! :) Did she like the clothes you picked? LOVE that necklace! It is GORGEOUS! You ROCK sister! And I wish I had a sister to hug-that is what all my wonderful girlfriends are for! :)

Jami said...

Kay these photos of Beth are gorgeous. WOW!!!

Cat said...

Ok, so not fair! I am sitting here a balling mess....Thanks for sharing your story and I am so happy that every thing turned out great. So happy for you and your family!

Wow, what a story. She is a miracle.

Amanda said...

Definitely a miracle and what a beauty! Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Lee said...

she is a true beauty! you guys favor a lot! I hope she had a blast at her 35th reunion!