Friday, July 07, 2006

So I've been thinking about this for a while...

pondering it, really. You see, on our road trip to Columbus I saw one of those stickers on a van. You know the ones . . . the little boy (reminds me of Calvin of C & Hobbes) peeing on a logo. You see Ford vehicles with the "Pi$$ on GM" stickers, or vice versa. I've never really been into those things. Can't say I feel that strongly against (or for for that matter) anything.

As we were crossing the border from Michigan, I notice this van. Maybe it was the "I Heart Ferrets" bumper sticker. THAT got my attention. But that wasn't the sticker that caught my eye. It was the little boy peeing on the word Michigan, which I read as "Pi$$ on Michigan." Now it wasn't written in Maize and/or Blue, so I can only assume the reference is not to the school, U of M. So it must be about Michigan. The state of Michigan. And I'm wondering how one develops a hatred of a whole state? Is is the roads? Because they piss me off once in a while. Is it those pesky Great Lakes? It can't be, cause last time I checked we shared those with Ohio, where this notorious van was from. What on earth have we done? As we drove by the van I wondered, were they going to run us off the road? I mean, how BADLY do they really hate all things Michigan? It just makes me wonder.

What would YOUR "Pi$$ on . . . " sticker say? Mine? Bad espresso. Nothing worse than expecting a stellar cup 'o joe and being let down.

Oh, and here's a cute picture of miss J. Check out those curls!

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Cat said...

LOL....$iss on Mean People.....they suck you know :-)