Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Better Day, Indeed

Well, my wish came true. I did have a good day. First, the jewelry class went well. I was a star pupil! Had my necklace and earrings done in 40 minutes. Learned how to do the wrap loops (AHA moment, all the way), and how to use my crimper. What more could a girl need, I ask?

Went and picked up mom, and she and Jen and I went shopping for my sister. You see, she is on the road Her husband is a truck driver, and she as a teacher drives with him in the summer. They graduated from high school the same year, although did not know each other. She put my mom and I in charge of finding her outfits for the reunion as she doesn't have time to shop. She will come home a day before the reunion, and has a bunch of Dr.'s appointments to attend. If you know me, you know this is the sister I almost lost at Thanksgiving to a massive heart attack. Back to the reunion. There is a casual gathering on Friday night, and a more formal dinner the next night. So mom and I decided she needed choices. We picked out three outfits for her to choose from for each event. Outfits plus shoes, purses, belts, etc. I think I'll make the jewelry, being the expert and all. It took us a long while, but Beth will look smashing for her 35th reunion. Smashing, I tell you!

Got home, and Bill was working on his ribs. The ones he has been marinating for the last two days. Never have ribs been taken care of the way Bill has. He took out two packages of the ribs, which were enough to feed a small third-world country. So he called his uncle Fred and Aunt Maxine to join us for dinner. The ribs were a bit of an experiment, but we knew they would be forgiving if they were awful. When Bill called to ask them over, he said, "if they're terrible, we'll just order pizza." And it turns out they were pretty darn good, although Bill was a critic of his own cooking. We had a wonderful evening of visiting with Fred and Max, and it just capped off my better day. We're so lucky to have family. So very lucky.

So now it's time to watch Lilo and Stitch. The perfect ending to a perfect day. Happy July!

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