Sunday, July 16, 2006

What's new?

Deadlines, that's what! AACK! Sometimes they overwhelm me. Big time. I felt that I had worked ahead before leaving for Chicago, but came back to a few emails with new ones. Good times. I started working last night and have finished three layouts and one card. Two more layouts to do so they can be sent out tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Went to a wedding reception on Friday night. My cousin's daughter got married privately and had a beautiful reception at Ashman Court. Great food, great company. But it struck me that night what a party pooper I am. We are always among the first to leave (because of babysitting), and not a lot of dancing on my part. Like none at all. So what am I going to do when Em gets married? I guess I'm going to have to stay a while and actually participate! What a thought!

Yesterday we went to a neighbor's surprise 50th anniversary. (Happy Birthday Alison!) John, her DH, planned it all and did a fabulous job. We had fun, and Jenna got to swim for a while. It was a hot one though, and today is even hotter. I get in such a cranky mood when it's this hot. CRANKY. That's me!

Just finished the book "We are All Welcome Here" by Elizabeth Berg. Love her! Last week I finished Janet Evanovich's "12" book. I read it in a day. She jus CRACKS ME UP! I mean I LOL, which is rare for me. And finished "Crow Lake" a few weeks ago. I need a new book. Maybe a trip to Barnes and Noble is in order this afternoon. Or maybe a nap. What to do . . .

Well, enough stalling. I guess I'd better do my last layouts. Wish me luck! And have a terrific Sunday!

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Jami said...

Kay I know you can meet the deadlines. You are a pro. Now get to B&N, you deserver a treat after all the LO's you did. Stay cool it is a doosey.