Sunday, July 02, 2006

Not another excuse today . . .

for not getting a layout done. Really, I'm boring myself with my excuses. Mojo, I've had enough. It is TIME. This picture is from our trip to a smaller zoo, closer to home last week. I have some issues with the lens I am using and close-ups that is starting to make me MAD. Like "it's time to invest in a new lens" mad.

I've been reading a book about photography Understanding Exposure. I am DETERMINED to learn how to shoot in manual mode this summer. Wish me luck. I've learned a few things, and so far love the tone of the book. The man really has me believing the calculus that is ISO+F-stop+shutter speed. That's no easy feat for me!

OK, time to stop STALLING and do a layout. It's time already.

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Nat said...

What an amazing Foto!!!