Monday, July 24, 2006


I was a lazy blogger over the weekend, because we were busy! Imagine that!

On Saturday I taught a class at the LSS where I design. I was expecting 7 people, and there were 14. But every single class packet was prepared, and not even missing one brad. They are so wonderful to work with! The class went well, and the ladies were awesome. It was a class on using embellishments, and with that many people we ran right to the last minute. (There were 2 layouts, a card, and an embellished chipboard monogram with tool demos along the way in 2 hours.) We laughed a lot, and hopefully there weren't any major complaints about it. It was fun to flex my teaching muscle a bit!

Then off to Frankenmuth to the bead store. I bought more beads to make a coordinating necklace and bracelet to some earrings that I made earlier this summer for Beth. She came over on Friday to try on her outfits for the reunion and looked AMAZING. Dang, I spend other people's money well. When I got home from Frankenmuth I did her necklace and her bracelet. Didn't love it (actually Bill pointed out one of the beads colors was "off"), so I redid it. Love the results. I am going to try to talk her into taking some pictures of the whole ensemble. We did good. That's all I have to say!!!!

Then we went to Bay City to see the tallships (one or two words? I just don't know.) What a sight to see! They were so beautiful, and there was a lot of stuff going on for the celebration. Little tents set up selling things, and pirates. You heard me correctly. There were pirates. The picture of Jen snuggling up to her dad shows a bit about how scared she was of said pirates. And the whole "they're just dressing up like you and Maggi do" just was not working. REO Speedwagon was playing in a park across the river, and you could here them perfectly across the river. And I totally showed my age by being able to correctly by their music. I mean who doesn't know "Riding the Storm Out?" C'mon, people!

We went out to dinner after at Old City Hall and had a wonderful dinner. It was loud and crazy in the bar area (and it wasn't even the pirates) but we love that place. Hit a few of the shops (and yes, the scrapbooking store was one of them), and had a really nice afternoon.

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