Monday, July 24, 2006

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Company

Went over to our friend's house yesterday afternoon for a barbeque. The menu included "beer-butt chicken," which I can safely say was DELISH! Also a wonderful blueberry dessert, and the kids made ice cream sundaes. We had a great time, and even decided that we are going on vacation to Florida for spring break this year! I am pumped! So one of my goals for the day is shopping for airfare and rental cars. We stayed too long, I'm sure, but had such a great time!

The girls (aren't they just beautiful?) played so nicely with Jenna (or should I say put up with Jenna.) They deserve medals. It's great for us because we adults can just talk while the kids play. Yet I know playing with "J" for any period of time can be stressful. She's a touch demanding, if you know what I mean. HIGH MAINTENANCE. But these girls have impeccable manners and never once complained.

We laughed a lot, and I haven't seen Bill enjoy himself so much in a very long time. We're very lucky to have such awesome friends. I'll write more about the Aerosmith van at another time. It warrants its very own post. Yep, it's that good.

And the dog? Well that's Daisy. And she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen. Ever.

Here's to good friends!

BTW, when I showed our friends my blog, I saw that the blogger bar at the top (in black) was not normal. It is on my computers at home (both Macs). I need help on how to fix it!


Tracy said...

sounds like fun - we have one of those "beer can chicken cooking things" for the grill, too. Haven't actually tried it yet, but have heard many people say how good it is.

Sophia said...

I'm dying to ask what the heck is beer butt chicken? There's nothing better than laughing with friends! Sounds like a great time!
Have a great day!


rani said...

what a great time!! gonna have to try that recipe!!!