Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bogged down with deadlines . . .

but wanted to share a picture of the fireworks last night. I got some good ones, shooting in manual mode, no tripod. Had fun, but man oh man did it get COLD!!!! My fingers could barely move. Jen was pretty freaked out by all of the noise (again). But she was laughing through her fear. That's my girl!

Does today feel like Monday for anyone else? I'm totally lost. But I made my to-do list (which is a mile long) and I'm getting freaked out. We're celebrating Jen's bday with my nieces, and that's coming right up. Everyone is coming to my house on Saturday for a cook out, which is low stress, but I need to order the cake, plan the menu, etc. Let the fun begin! She's excited about her day, and that's all that matters.

In other breaking news, Em's laptop (that is less than a year old) died. Yep, that's right. I was on Apple Support for an hour and had a tech support person walk me through some diagnostics to find out what the problem is. Turns out it is probably a bad memory card, and is covered under AppleCare. But the BAD news is the closest Apple Store is an hour and a half away. But the GOOD news is it's in a WONDERFUL shopping center. The problem is what I really want is a new 'puter for myself, so letting me loose in the Apple Store may be dangerous!

In the scrapbooking world I have to send a layout to Scrapbook Trends, finish an article and two more projects for ScrapMuse, do my projects for my feature with Cactus Pink, and do my three layouts and 1 card for KMA. Today I finished two layouts, one card, and one embellishment for a class I'm teaching at my LSS. It feels good to have that done, at least! So off to buy party decorations and finish some household SCHTUFF. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Cat said...

Great picture Kay!! It rained here so I didn't end up getting out to take any :-(

Jami said...

Awesome photo Kay!!! Take a deep breathe and do one thing at a time. It will all work out. You just tell me what to do and I will put Hayley right on it. HAHA. She is in the dog house anyways.