Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Miss J!

Yep, we celebrated her big day yesterday with the family. There was a cookout here, and she got lots of toys! It will be a good time finding room for everything, let me tell you! Her actual birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe she will be four tomorrow. And why does that sound SO MUCH OLDER than three? It just strikes terror in my heart, I tell ya! SHe was so cute this a.m. when she got up. The first thing she said when she saw Bill was "look how much bigger I am, Daddy!" Yep, I got tears in my eyes. Because sadly it's true.

So between planning for the birthday, and planning for our little vaca (details will follow), I've been BUSY. First, I finished everything for the SM kit. It is so cool I'm doing more with it after our vaca, which is rare for me. Not that I don't WORSHIP the kits, because trust me, I do. But I make 5-6 layouts each month with a kit and usually I have run out of pictures by the time I do that many layouts. Not this time. Jen got a pool from Emily for her bday (and I don't know which one of my girls was more excited about that) and the pool plus the bikini (or 'kini as Jen calls it) that she got from her grandma conspired to produce the EXACT COLORS for this kit. So more layouts will follow. By the way, the kits now can be previewed before you buy them so you know exactly what you're getting. No more worries of duplicates! Link to site at right!

Plus I did four layouts with Cactus Pink products as the featured artist for July. What a blast! The colors are right up my alley! I will share the link when they go up on the site. I really wanted to get that done before I left for the vaca. I don't want to come home to a "to-do" list of deadlines. I prefer to work ahead. This a.m. I did the layout above for the BPS class. I've been so busy I've slacked off on weeks 2 and 3. BAD STUDENT, I know.

And when I return, I need to do my layouts and card for KMA. That will be fun, because I love the stuff I ordered this month. That will be my only pressing deadline when I return, unless I get an email while away for something last minute. It could happen.

So off to pack. Won't be posting for a few, but I'll update y'all when I return. Have a great Sunday and a great week!


Mary Rogers said...

Happy Birthday Jenna!

Have a great vacation Kay and I can't wait to meet you next month.

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday Jenna!!!!!!

Tonia said...

Awww crap-LOL! Wanted to ask you how you got those great firework shots! Mine from the 4th were poopy kaka and I may be going to some tonight-thought about calling you, but don't want to interrupt the packing! Where are you going? Have a great time on vacation Kay and a BIG Happy B'day to your sweetie pie!

Denise said...

Oh - very pretty layout. The photo is gorgeous - sweet little girl -and the colors you used look stunning! Thanks for sharing!