Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Not mad, just miserable. There are actually heat ADVISORIES in Michigan right now, and they are NOT KIDDING. It's been hot for a while now, but not like this. With the humidity, you can barely catch a breath. And I'm really tired of being cooped up inside.

So the weekend is over, and yesterday was again the domestic activity that needs to be done to repair the damage from the weekend. Laundry, dishes, cleaning . . . good times. Also finished two more KI layouts yesterday. I am determined to get these done this week. Want to just say I did it and move on. No hopes, just an album I love. And I'm OK with that.

Pictures are from Sunday. It was so hot that day, but it was early morning, so slugger went out with her daddy to play. She's really quite good. She is an athlete. We're looking for soccer for the fall, and she'll stay in swimming and all-sports too. Gotta keep this one busy, or she'll get in trouble!

Have a great Tuesday. I'm going to try to kick out another KI layout this a.m. wish me luck!

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Tonia said...

Oooh-hope I get to peek at that KI album. When all is said and done you will be very happy to have it regardless of the contest!
Yes, HOT! It is here today also-suppose to be 100 which never happens here, but as you said it is the humidity that is the killer!
Stay cool Kay! Oh yeh, you ARE cool! (wink)