Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tick, tock.

That's the clock running out on my summer. But I am feeling ready to go back to school now. I'm actually getting excited. I do love my job!

And Em goes back to college next week as well. I will definitely miss having her around, like I've said before having her come home made me feel whole again. I didn't realize the hole she left when she was gone. But coming home after being in college to our small town with very little to do had to be a big letdown. So I'm excited for her fun college life to begin again. She's such a good kid. I can't even tell ya. And the layout is of her. She will be 20 in October. Twenty. Wow. I'm old!

I should finish my super secret project work today . . . then maybe have some time to scrap a bit! What a concept! I also want to make a run to the bead store. I got a new idea magazine and I can't wait to try something new.

Have a great day. It's a beautiful one here!


Tonia said...

What a BEAUTIFUL page Kay! I have said this before, but she looks so much like you and she is a gorgeous woman. It is kind of funny, as you we be losing scrapping time as school starts, I will be gaining it as E goes off to K! I am going to be very sad! I have just realized that all of our alone time is going bye-bye! I guess I will really have to enjoy the time after Trevor gets on the bus and Ethan is still home-I am thinking that will be about 1.5 hours-we can have a little quality time then! How goes the diet????

aleciagrimm said...

great layout. SO sad for you that your daughter is going back to college. Big hugs. I can't wait to see your new jewelry creation.

Anonymous said...

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