Sunday, August 13, 2006

Look Mom! Another layout!

That I like, anyways! This is the longest stretch of "No Mo" that I have ever faced. Not pretty, I tell you! But these last two layouts with BasicGrey have helped me tremendously. I went to a crop on Friday night, and got two pages done for the store (which I left without scanning) and did four more just for me. What a novel idea, scrapping for yourself. I need to try that more often!

Possible cause for the 'jo-less dark period . . . still no junk food. How do people do this? I just can't fathom why one would choose an apple over some Junior Mints. But I am making some progress. Last night, however, I was outside watching Jenna play on the swingset, sipping some diet flavored water, after just finishing a tasty Lean Cuisine. Ah, what a full life! I was still a bit hungry, and was contemplating which luscious piece of fruit I could just nibble on, when the neighbors came outside to fire up the grill. OK, I'm OK, I tell myself. They are probably grilling swordfish, or something else I don't care for. When the smell of hamburgers hit my nostrils, I almost wept. So if any of my neighbors read this, and you happen to be missing a burger form the "barbie" I have NO IDEA who took it. No idea, I tell you!

So off today to a family reunion. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, almost fall-like temperatures, which is reminding me that this is my last week of sweet freedom. Next week, it's back to the old grindstone. Have a great Sunday!!!


aleciagrimm said...

gorgeous layout kay!! I love your new avatar picture at 2pz also!!

Jami said...

Kay oh Kay oh Kay, I think we are having burgers tonight. Sorry just had to say that. I hope you have a wonderful day at the reunion. We just got back from a nice long bike ride and it is gorgeous outside. Happy to hear that you are getting your mojo back. Yahoo!!!

melissa said...

beautiful LO :)
I feel your pain conserning the whole diet thing. my whole family isn't on one and they eat yummy things in front of me all the time that I can't have. lol

Lana said...

LOL "'jo-less dark period" TOO FUNNY!!! Glad you got some back. Just wait another month and 1/2 when you're back in stride with teaching and the weather cools - the Mo will be the Nile river again I'm sure! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

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